Mistakes Grow Twisted Bones

When rooted in casual cruelty,
mistakes pollute the blood,
grow twisted bones,
coat the throat with kindling;

laughter turns into breath-pilfering fires
that burn on the tip of the tongue,
forcing the spirit to crave for mercy
it hasn’t served to others.

Crows hear the screams of the rotten
(feed on them);
when carrion eaters go for the heart,
when howling flesh fills the ears of their guts,
a murder and two births change everything.

Process Note: Below are “Blooming Howls” 1 and 2, by Gina Morley, paintings inspired by my Blooming Howls short story collection. Gina painted a critical moment in the lives of two of the characters in the first story. This poem adds another layer to said moment.

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Blooming Howls 3

Blooming Howls 2

Blooming Howls 1

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47 thoughts on “Mistakes Grow Twisted Bones

  1. The first 2 lines are chilling. Casual cruelty is so common these days, with it’s runners spreading easily.

    And OMG, yay! I won the book woot! (LOL, whiplash mood swing in the comment)

  2. Has I told you I loves when you write stuffs like ” …howling flesh fills the ears of their guts…” (should I really have hunger pangs after reading such words)
    😀 XXX

  3. Heavy thinking you incite for first thing in the morning, Magaly.
    Mistakes can be accidental: intentional; unavoidable; painful; fatal; or even serendipitous – the list of attributes goes on and on. The one characteristic all mistakes share is that they teach. The tragedy is that often the wisdom gained is not permanent.

    Blooming Howls is a provocative, brilliant piece and Gina’s stunning artwork does it full justice.

    Oh, yes ! Congratulations to all the book winners – I am trying very hard not to be jealous 🙂

    • It’s best to start the morning with the brain (and heart) going at full speed. That way we have time to sort it all out before going to bed. 🙂

      Every time I look at Gina’s work, I remember that my dear friend can trap emotions in paint. Such a gift…

  4. Quite a spine-chilling piece.. loved the dark images which you so effortlessly portrayed in the lines.. just shows how talented you are 🙂 Good to see you again 😀

    Lots of love,

  5. I truly felt this poem Magaly, I have had “howling flesh” for 2 weeks now. I am beyond excited to receive and read my book.

    I hope your gut is being nice to you, if not kick it’s butt in that wicked way that you do 🙂

  6. How do we go from casual to murder.. to me this paints the image of escalation.. when nothing prevents it, the little cruel twigs will grow to suffocating bramble.. nightmarish

  7. I was thinking about ‘Blooming Howls’ when I woke up this morning! I’ve been crazy-busy lately, but I’ve been trying to read ‘From the Dust Returned’ in wee snippets (I’ve already told you reading Bradbury makes me think of you… and reading you makes me think of Bradbury.), and it’s put me in the mood to need to re-read ‘Blooming Howls’ now. This seals it! 🙂

    Gina’s artwork is stunning!

    *waves to Poesy* 😉

  8. i had to look up the word “kindling”, well chosen now i know the meaning

    your opening verse threw me into bullying among school kids, something that was un heard of here; and is now, so prevalent

    thanks for dropping in to read mine

    much love…

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