Mrs. Witch Writer and Mr. Piano Man, One Year Later…

One year ago, at around 3:13 pm, my Piano Man and I exchanged our vows while encircled by a handful of people very close to us. It was a day ruled by love, music, food, smiles…
Witch and Piano Man, 1st Anniversary (1)

This doesn’t mean that the ceremony went smooth. Doing things while your hand is tied to another person’s hand is difficult: we dropped a bowl of raspberry dressing, we cleaned up the mess together; my Piano Man couldn’t tie his shoes, I helped him; I stepped on some mint and my feet began to itch, he washed them for me… We made it work, and laughed madly while we were at it.
Witch and Piano Man, 1st Anniversary (2)

Getting handfasted was a natural thing; a comfortable thing that made us more…
Witch and Piano Man, 1st Anniversary (3)

…much more and greater than we were before.
Witch and Piano Man, 1st Anniversary (4)

The Little Princess was a star. She changed her dress 3 times, and danced like a lunatic.
Witch and Piano Man, 1st Anniversary (5)

My Boy kept us smiling, and made me dance like a lunatic.
Witch and Piano Man, 1st Anniversary (6)

Papi was quiet, shy… and quite handsome, if I may say so myself.
Witch and Piano Man, 1st Anniversary (7)

My Piano Man’s Mom was wild. She danced probably as much as the Little Princess.
Witch and Piano Man, 1st Anniversary (8)

My Piano Man’s Dad did a lot of smiling, and danced even though his knee was killing him.
Witch and Piano Man, 1st Anniversary (9)

At the head of the ritual, helping us tie the knot (literally) were two great men, whom we chose because of their huge hearts and our admiration for their love for each other.
Witch and Piano Man, 1st Anniversary (10)

My maid of honor, more like a sister really, might beat me senseless for sharing this picture. But I will take the pain, just so I can show you the glow of her smile.
Witch and Piano Man, 1st Anniversary (11)

Meet my Piano Man’s best man, one of his best friends. Can you tell how much he adores the other lady in the picture? Yep, we were surrounded by pure love.
Witch and Piano Man, 1st Anniversary (12)

After one year handfasted to my Piano Man, I can’t predict what the future might hold for us; but my witchy senses tell me that regardless of what it might be, my husband and I will walk towards it together…
Witch and Piano Man, 1st Anniversary (13)

43 thoughts on “Mrs. Witch Writer and Mr. Piano Man, One Year Later…”

  1. Well, what is there to say? A whole story told in pictures. You didn’t need to type a word to see how real the smiles were and how genuine the happiness was. Life is sometimes filled with some pretty wretched things – noisy and loud – but as long as the happiness is remembered in a louder volume than anything else, everything stays shiny and joyful.

    Thank you for sharing your day with us.

    Keep paddling, Lady Magaly.

  2. Happy anniversary my dear sweet Magaly! I just read your previous post, and laughed so hard with the way you were eating as a child. If someone cooked for you it seems as if they couldn’t go wrong with just a banana…especially a green one.
    I hope this diet will suit you.
    Be blessed!!! Lots of love!!

  3. My heart is smiling Big Time! I love seeing your pictures! Made me feel like I was there! Magaly, I didn’t realize your hands were tied for so long. I thought right after your ceremony, they would be untied. I love all the smiles! I love all the love! I love the the energy! So very special! You two will make it through everything! Big Hugs ;o)

  4. Lovely photos, happy day.

    I thought about you today, Magaly. We had dinner at a pub in London called “The Hung, Drawn, and Quartered” (It’s close to the Tower.) For dessert…mango sorbet.


  5. Basking in the glow of pure love, beautiful post, a year later and the ‘invisible’ hand fasting is something worth celebration, happy daze, happy life Ms Wicked and Piano Man, enjoy each moment xox

  6. So wonderful!! I love that you had such an intimate, charming, meaningful wedding. Personally, I don’t like the way weddings have become an industry and the day itself often a bit of a soulless extravaganza. By today’s standards, mine would probably be considered low-key, but to me, it was still a bit of a circus, and not what I had envisioned. I caved in to pressure around me… something I wouldn’t do now.

    I love all these pictures! The one with your Piano Man photo-bombing you and your mother-in-law is so adorable! 😀

    • My Piano Man and I were discussing how good it felt to do exactly what we wanted for our wedding. We had so much fun, too. We liked (love!) the memories the moment created…

      And I so love that picture, too. His expression is priceless, lol!

  7. Wow, how quickly the past year has flown!

    Happy anniversary to you both.

    Your pictures are perfect and show what a beautiful, love-filled day you all shared.

    Have a wonderful celebration ♥

  8. Can’t believe its been a year!.. I can see the love in all the photos.. Everyone should be as lucky as you two to have such support… here’s to many more!.

  9. The happiness is palpable, Magaly and quite contagious. Congratulations on your anniversary, and much love to you and yours for many more moons to come.

  10. This is such a beautiful anniversary post Magaly! Such wonderfully love-filled photographs! Happy Anniversary to you two magical beings, the light in each of you honours the light in the other.

    • We were tied for a few hours, maybe 3; from the beginning of the ritual, until our first dance as a handfasted couple. The experience was rather interesting (and hysterical at times).

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