My Own Ink-Beast

Freaks are like everyone else, we are just freaky about being… and beautiful. If you are a Beautiful Freaks Fest participant, searching for a place to add your latest entry, follow the link. If you have stopped by to delight in my poetry, then read on. 

I am
an ordinary freak,
when I want. I am terror
and bliss, my own ink-
beast… I think (dancing)
in shadows and rainbows.

I am a beautiful freak.

the wee notes…
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What about you?

69 thoughts on “My Own Ink-Beast”

  1. Splendid stuff! Ink-beasts are best; full of charm and stories, wickedness and beguilement.

    (I’m really surprised spellcheck recognised that as a word…)

  2. Wow! I read this several times. Each time I saw the same image in my mind, a tattooed lady standing before a mirror grinning wickedly! Beautiful ink-beast, indeed!

    • I just went and watched the trailer for wonder… I’m sooo happy you mentioned it, Totomi, because I have never seen it. And now I can’t wait. Well, I will wait a couple of days–I must read the book first. I love the glimpse I saw. How perfectly titled. And this quote, “You can’t blend in when you were born to standout”, a miracle.

  3. Loved this, both gentle and powerful! Gorgeous poetry…it made my soul smile, …beautiful picture of you and the visual writing alongside you.
    I feel a beautiful sense of movement in your words , a lyrical feel..and a deep vibe of owning your power with pride….both claiming and expressing the beautiful freak within. Love it! an unapologetic celebration of loving who you are!

  4. Always, I enjoy when I visit, your span of ” shadows and rainbows.”
    Happy Sunday, thanks for dropping in at my Sunday Standard today

    much love…

  5. Loved this! Terror and bliss: the opposite ends of the purlieu, ink-beasts frequently frequent – so I believe – (dancing) in shadows and rainbows. This is captivating! Brilliant, brilliant writing!

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