My Passion Flowers (and fruits)

love it
when you blush…
right before I bite


my passion flowers
under the feel of summer
warming up my ink


do not bite,
love, wait a bit
to taste me


Yep, my garden is probably in lust. But who can blame her (yes, my garden is definitely a girl, I can tell)? I mean, look at that strawberry, blushing for all to see. And what can I say about the passion flower?

Linked to the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.


41 thoughts on “My Passion Flowers (and fruits)”

  1. Poor little strawberries…do you even give them chance to reach full blush lol? And the least said about you passion flower the better CWS Baaaaaaaad Witch 😀 XXX

    • Sometimes, but… most of the time they don’t. The same is true of the tomatoes. I have no self-control, lol! And I’m glad I’m not the only one who knows that my passion flower is best left un-discussed *CWS*.

  2. I like the way you serenade your fruit with nibbles, Magaly!
    I have ink the colour of your passion flowers! I had to giggle when I read that your garden is a girl – in the UK a lady garden is a euphemism for a certain part of a girl’s anatomy! 😉

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