My Piano Man Captures a Sweet Family Moment

My in-laws’ garden grows all sorts of beauties. This summer, we were greeted by bright roses, fragrant basil, and a black-eyed Susan dressed in blushing autumnal yum.

The garden was the center of this year’s vacation. My Piano Man spent most of his time building a raised garden bed. Watching him work was fun and then some… *giggles*.

Yes, I helped. I needed a socially acceptable reason to have fun with a sledgehammer, an ax, a cutter mattock, a shovel…

Don’t believe that it was all work. There was county fair enjoyment, birthday celebration, sunset delight, relaxing at the beach…

…the Little Princess made herself into art and everything.

My favorite picture from the trip: while my Piano Man tries to capture a sweet family moment (he shared his intent), the Little Princess completely ignores him (she was busy screaming at crows), my in-laws don’t hear him (they were looking at a barge that was transporting a house), I show my maturity and attentiveness by sticking my tongue out. But, be honest, he is so handsome that you probably wouldn’t have noticed us anyway.

Our trip to Friday Harbor is always the perfect end to the summer. It gets us ready for the madness to come. October is nuts around here—fall shows for my Piano Man, pre-winter tests for me, and Nature doing her yearly striptease… one leaf at a time. Perfect.


35 thoughts on “My Piano Man Captures a Sweet Family Moment”

  1. Lovely pictures of your beautiful world and your sweet family, looks like you all had a fun time! Gorgeous flowers too. Love the shot of your Little Princess.
    I laughed..”your socially acceptable reasons” to have a sledgehammer….that will stay with me. I look forward to Autumn magic fave time of year!
    Have a sweet night

  2. You’re right. I vaguely see u. I did see u take charge w/ the digging. It takes a woman to tackle that! What are they planning on growing? That’s a pretty deep planter

  3. Oh these photos, along with your lovely words, make me so happy to know and love your family. So dear, each and everyone of you. xoxo Oma Linda

    • The questionable digging happened the night before. We were transplanting some bulbs, and the work went right into the night… I was digging while my Piano Man shined the light of his cell phone. After I realized just what things looked like, I couldn’t stop shaking with laughter.

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