29 thoughts on “My Reading of “Let Me Love Your Wild and Naked””

  1. That was amazing! I remarked on a recent reading by Bjorn, how much I love to hear the English language spoken with the varied accents of the world – and how much deeper a reading leads us into the poem. This was sultry and splendid, Magaly.

    • You and Joy inspired me to share some of my words in this format. I love how when you guys read one of your poems aloud, the sounds evoke completely new feelings.

      I better go lurk around Bjorn’s blog, to see what I can hear. 🙂

  2. Still lovely! Reading my stories … something I have been thinking about for ages, but I never get around to it. We should even have suitable equipment somewhere … ah well … ^^

  3. Really? I didn’t post here??? I have listened & made Big F listen, and will so listen again… a rebirth of this poem to tickle, fondle & caress another sense is utterly divine… & thank you Ms Wicked for bonding with my ‘flesh’ 😉

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