My Reason for Birthday Wishes

I love
how you crush every one
of my toes
until my bones squeal
for release.

You are my reason
for birthday wishes. I see you
(always you) when I blow
candles that sing
“High-heeled shoes are magic!”

But time is birthing rust
inside my joints. There are creaks
in my knees, dreaming of wild
nights brightened
by high-heeled-shoe-
and maniacal laughter.

a wee note:
– No high-heeled shoe was set on fire during the crafting of this poem. But there might have been a choked maniacal cackle or three.

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61 thoughts on “My Reason for Birthday Wishes”

  1. I worked a job where I wore 4 inch heels everyday. My knees pay the price everyday. But, oh my, those shoes are such sexy things! How can you not lust?
    You captured that feeling perfectly!

  2. My goodness, this is so incredibly vivid! I can picture time “birthing rust inside my joints” sigh.. that’s the price we pay for looking good in shoes! Beautifully executed.

    Lots of love,

  3. I use to wear heels years ago.. Its funny how the years can change what we wear.. Heels would not only (literally) lift me up but gave me an extra bounce in my step.. I would hold myself up higher or so it seemed..As I got older, I noticed my toes starting to hurt, which made me rethink the height… As the years pass, the heels got shorter.. Even wedges aren’t as thick/high as they use to be.. but, the confidence is still there!

    • I wore heels because they always came in styles that were prettier than flats. Thank goodness that by the time my body decided that heels were just a stupid idea for me, my mind didn’t really give a damn.

  4. But time is birthing rust
    inside my joints…
    (I wish I didn’t know this feeling, but I do.)

    Nothing beats a pair of beautiful high heels.. sadly I cannot wear them.

  5. High heeled shoes are dark magic indeed, and their price is blisters and crunched toes. But it isn’t anything a good cleansing flame can’t banish. This was a very fun piece to read.

  6. LOVE – words & stilettos… I know of a very corporate woman who calls them her ‘fuck me’ shoes (not in public… well not early in the night)!! I wore (whore?) them for a decade or 2… then I gave into the allure of ballet pumps & Doc Martins… you know those Chinese woman’s feet that were bound to make them a different shape?? My feet are in permanent stiletto shape, even out of shoes, like I have invisible high heels on all the time… and toes trained to be cone shaped 😉 so many accidents, so many times a heel broke & I had to walk as if all was good… gutter grates, old escalators in retail stoes that ate them… and then one night in 89 I left my favourite pair in a tent (yes no self respecting female in the 80’s went anywhere without their stilettos) hahaha… think I may go put on some now!

  7. Ha! This made me laugh out loud, Magaly. Being a tall girl, and also a clutz, I have never done well with heels. I remember only once when I dared to wear platform heels of extreme height(okay, yes, yes, it was the 70’s) to a friend’s outdoor wedding, and fell over against the table holding the punch bowl, causing a considerable and very purple mess.
    At least there was no carpet.
    PS I love the arson!

    • Thank goodness, because I was a riot of laughter as I wrote it.

      I used to wear heels when out with my ex-husband (he’s 6′ 6″), then I reclaimed my mind… and went back to my boots and such. Probably, right before the purple was spilled. 😀

  8. Oh, gorgeous shoes! Even if just to sit and pose, for “creaks in my knees” wouldn’t allow me the pleasure of walking in them all day. :-). Delightful piece, especially love this line “dreaming of wild nights brightened by high-heeled-shoe-arson and maniacal laughter.”

  9. Long gone are the stilettos of my youth – along with the shapely legs they so enhanced, lol. That was decades ago! I wouldn’t want the discomfort of high heels any more – and marvel at how agile I was in them in those days – but sometimes I catch sight of a particularly gorgeous pair in a shop window and have a little moment of longing.

  10. I haven’t worn high heels in over 25 years (or more). My knees, back (hell, the whole body) told me every time I wore them NO, NO, NO! I still look at them and dream the dreams of long-gone youth.

    Loved this poem!

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