NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero, 2015

30 days. 30 prompts.
1 wicked witchy writer and her Wicked Luvs.

*scroll down for details*

Wed, Apr 1st – The Birth of Your Art
Base your first poem on the first work of art that inspired your creative addiction.

Thu, Apr 2nd – Creativity and Pain
This poem should explore creativity as a healing salve, as a shield, as a weapon, or as a negotiation method to use when dealing with physical and/or psychological pain.

Fri, Apr 3rd – Indulgences
Craft a poem about spoiling your Self or the Self of another. Let decadence run wild.

Sat, Apr 4th – Feeling So Deeply It Hurts
With this poem, show how an emotion might increase physical pain, and vice versa.

Sun, Apr 5th – You Might Not Know Me, But…
Address this poem to a fictional character or a historical figure.

Mon, Apr 6th – I Will Do It in Thirteen Weeks
Your poem should list three achievable goals, which you would like to accomplish within the next thirteen weeks.

Tue, Apr 7th – This Poem Is a Myth
Conjure up a poem that describes a person, creature, or thing from any mythology.

Wed, Apr 8th – It Hurts, but It Doesn’t Harm
Weave a poem that explores the difference between hurt and harm.

Thu, Apr 9th – I Made this Poem
Write a poem inspired by something created by you (a story, a painting, a recipe…).

Fri, Apr 10th – Poetry for the Blood, Flesh, Bone and Spirit
This poem should read like a relaxation chant; every line should unwind.

Sat, Apr 11th – I Hear Fictional Poets
Create a poem written from the point of view of a fictional character. Do cite the work where the character appears, in case we want to wink at her, him, it…

Sun, Apr 12th – Estranged and Cut off
This poem should focus on alienation and detachment.

Mon, Apr 13th – Poetizing the News… of 1913
Today’s poem will be based on a headline from April 1913.

Tue, Apr 14th – Valued Activities in My Poetry
Write a poem that includes at least three activities you truly enjoy doing in April.

Wed, Apr 15th – Fifteen
Where were you when you were fifteen? What did you love and hate about the place? Write a poem about the town or city where you spent the fifteenth year of your life.

Thu, Apr 16th – Flying Out of this World
Write a poem where the speaker travels to a parallel, but infinitely remote, universe…

Fri, Apr 17th – Negativity Runs in Circles
With your poem, discuss how negativity breeds more negativity breeds more negativity…

Sat, Apr 18th – Coffee or Tea… or Do You Sip Both Ways?
Write a sensual poem dedicated to coffee or tea or to both; if you aren’t in love with any of these beverages, then dedicate today’s poem to your favorite drink or food.

Sun, Apr 19th – I, Tree
Summon the green within, and write a poem from the point of view of a sentient tree who gets to address his or her keeper.

Mon, Apr 20th – Finger Licking Good
Cook up a poem with a recipe in it.

Tue, Apr 21st – This Poem Is a Fighter
Write a poem that challenges the veracity of at least three negative thoughts.

Wed, Apr 22nd – Plant a Poem in a Tale
Create a poem set within a story you read (please provide the title and link of the story or book; if you liked it, we might want to go there, too).

Thu, Apr 23rd – Pain and Sleep
Write a poem that explores the intricate relationship between pain and sleep.

Fri, Apr 24th – Art Speaks to Art
Base a poem on a piece by one of your favorite artists.

Sat, Apr 25th – Anticipating Mayhem
With this poem, let us glimpse into how you ready yourself before facing known troubles, and what you do to cope once mayhem has done its thing.

Sun, Apr 26th – Speak to Your Affliction
Metaphorically sit in front of the thing (or person) that ails you, and let your poem tell it (him or her) exactly what’s in your mind.

Mon, Apr 27th – Making Cheer Up
Write a poem about a holiday invented by you.

Tue, Apr 28th – In the Beginning There Was Nothing, Which Exploded
On the late Sir Terry Pratchett’s birthday, our poems will celebrate a man who built worlds: find your favorite Pratchett quote… and let your Muse birth some poetry from it.

Wed, Apr 29th – This Poem Has a Mission
In three stanzas, detail what (if anything) you wish to accomplish with the poems you wrote this month, or with poetry writing in general.

Thu, Apr 30th – Poetry Gone Wild
On the last day of NaPoWriMo 2015, you choose your topic, my Wicked Luvs.


This is my first year participating in NaPoWriMo. I’m dancing somewhere between highly freaked out and ready to conquer April the cruellest, one poem at a time. I hope you and your Muses, too, are ready to battle, my Wicked Luvs.

Participation is easy:
1. Write a poem based on the prompt provided for each day. If you are a painter, sculptor, potion maker, extreme artistic tightrope walker, you are invited to create art based on the prompts… as long as you include some poetry with it. We must honor the Po, my Luvs.

2. Leave a link to your poem, as a comment,  under the post I will provide for each prompt. Please include the title of your entry and a direct link of your post, for example: “The Birth of Your Art”:

3. Have fun, make some new friends, be a little wild… trees do it all the time.

* Out of courtesy, please include the link to any prompt you use at the end of your post. If you are feeling extra awesome, also link your poem to this main entry. Show others where to go. Spread the word. Linking back to the source is good. Honestly. 😉

* Visit other Wicked Darlings taking part in the fun. This is not a rule; but what kind of party would this be, if everyone just sat in his or her own little cyber corner? Mingle!

* Spam, or links unrelated to this event, will be deleted (and probably cursed).

Below is an abbreviated list of prompts. I will publish a detailed post for each prompt, starting tonight at 9:13pm EDT. If you have questions, this is the place to ask them. If you are a bit nervous… thank goodness! I rather dislike feeling edgy all by myself.

Note: a few of the prompts listed above were provided by five fantastic Wicked Darlings. Jane, Mary, Shelle, Hedgewitch, Rommy… Thank you! I shall link your names or cyber homes to the specific prompts, when I publish them. ♥

Another Note: the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads is also providing daily prompts. I do not mind if you combine prompts. But make sure you read the guidance for each prompt, at The Garden, since some of The Toads prefer their prompts to be exclusive.

A Third Note: I will have a giveaway for Wicked Darlings who complete the 30 prompts.

NaPoWriMo is Maureen Thorson’s brainchild. If you are going to participate in all the prompts, do consider adding your blog or website to her list.

NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero

53 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero, 2015”

  1. Hey, Magaly, These look quite extra-wonderful, wow! I won’t be here all the time as I have occasionally found myself squeamish–more so than I would wish–in the face of some of your site’s truths and language. Forgive me! But I love how it all heals you and want to dip in my toes if not leap in. A suggstion: Check to be sure the NaPoWriMo label is not copyrighted. Breathing big gulps of sproing and warmth here. Love, Susan.

    • Don’t apologize for being yourself and liking what you like. The world would be boring and probably already gone if we all enjoyed the same things. Stop by as often as you like (and can stand it, lol).

      Maureen Thorson’s site claims no ownership of the idea and label. But thanks for pointing it out. It wouldn’t hurt to send her an email, just to make sure. 😉

  2. Wow! what a mouthful this is! Truely I will watch, but a tad overwhelmed and under energized at the moment. ” birth of my Art”? never gets to full term… super hero powers are in high demand presently!
    Huge Hug! xDebi

  3. What an exciting list, Magaly–the hardest thing sometimes about doing this challenge is getting out of your own box (because you have ransacked it like a mead-drunken Viking berserker for X days.) It’s easy to forget sometimes you need to take a peek into someone else’s box to remember what you have hiding.

    This will be my fifth year doing this, and I never think at the beginning I will be able to do it, but somehow, it happens, and often it’s because of great inspiration like this. I know I will not hit every one of your prompts, but it’s wonderful knowing they are there for me. Thank you for investing your own special energy in this for us.

    • Every time we dance in someone else’s shoes, we get the chance to become better dancers. It seems we all get to try all kinds of new shoes.

      This is my first year doing it. I told myself that I was just going to do a few prompts, maybe 5… even 13… You can see where that got me.

      I’m so glad you’re joining in for some of the fun. 🙂

  4. Yep, so in, I will be away for some of this… (Back for Oma’s Party though) which means my poems (or attempts) may be written in the sand on occassion, punctuated by shells and driftwood… looks exciting Ms Wicked, thank you, coaxing muse from hibernation has just become easier 😉

  5. I want to say I’m in except I don’t remember how to write poems. I could try (deep breath). I’ll sleep on it and see if my muse awakens in the morning. Big hugs and I have missed you while I was away.

    • If you added me to your reader, I suspect you will receive everything. You could follow by email to be sure. And as you suggest, there is also the safest alternative: stop by and see what’s going on. 😉


  6. In the beginning…

    There were words and thoughts that consumed my ever racing mind.
    Darkness held me tight and I had to find a light which came in the
    form of letters strung together to form the miracle of words. Words
    strung together with spaces to form sentences and those became

    At first I hid these from her, not sure if she’d react with more
    violence or with kindness. She who birthed me, having raised
    her hand to me a thousand times before in anger and frustration,
    causing only pain and confusion to me that came from her. I had
    the choice and thats all that mattered, so I hid them from her some
    more till I gained confidence to share my new found love with her,
    a mother and a tormentor.

    The darkness was abated and light began to flow into my world,
    defeating the old uncertain and fearful me. I still walked on eggshells
    but with a lighter step than ever before. I had the choice and thats
    all that mattered. My outlet birthed a confidence that allowed me
    to push the pain and torment away, hold it at a distance and keep
    it from destroying me. I was punished by her and then kept my words away, but
    I did not stop and words became pictures of line and light.

    But I digress, in the beginning there were words that saved me from
    the abuse that surrounded my world, encapsulated by light and that choice
    to pen my pain made all the difference to a young girl unsure of her place in the world.

      • Can I make up the poems and have them count? This month has been really important to me as far as what you’ve given us to do. I’ve enjoyed every step. I just don’t want to be done before the finish line without completing the marathon.

        • You can write unrelated poems, but if they don’t match the prompts then linking them would be inappropriate… and a bit confusing for the rest of us.

          If you want to share them with people, I advice reading their contributions… If you visit people’s blogs and leave them thoughtful comments about their own poetry, they will follow you and read yours. That’s what I do.

          At the moment, I’m working on two books, a collection of short stories, and have been in the hospital four times since the challenge began… This is true (perhaps without the hospital bit) for most of us. Keeping up with our lives and the challenge at the same time is what makes this special.

          Again, if you don’t have poems that match the prompts, just don’t link them. Publish them on your blog, then venture towards other people’s cyber-homes. I assure you that must of them–I for instance–visit those who visit us. ♥

          • I think you may have misunderstood what I meant, or I wasn’t clear enough. I’ve been participating and following each of the prompts. I was asking if I could make up the ones I missed. As in, may I use the prompts and post the links as I have been doing all month. I’m sorry I didn’t clarify before posting.

            • Then that’s not a problem. You can add your links, even is late. The rest remains though, if you want poets participating in the challenge to read them, the best way is to go and read theirs. Write on!

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