Nature Grows Art

I find peace in soul-feeding art that is Nature-made: trees defleshed by time, stones caressed by sun and rain and snow… to be cairned by hands that love, love, love to write in bones that echo the wild song of leaves that can no longer tongue the wind.

grows art
out of death…
to delight the wild

bloom and fruit
adorn my garden
before fall

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47 thoughts on “Nature Grows Art”

  1. Each picture conveys a kind of timelessness which I find so soothing.. that the parts of the whole create a cohesion, and that bits and pieces remain, and thrive, even once we are gone.

  2. There is such a stark beauty in natural objects stripped down so we can see their strength unimpeded. You captured that beautifully in your words.

  3. That creation of art out of death and decay is indeed wonderful — it is suggestive of this neverending circle. It’s lovely how you talk about this beauty in a very personal tone, which adds to the impact of your imagery.

  4. Wonderful Magaly. I too find beauty in bones and stones. The cairn at the top puts me in mind of the cairn of stones on my mother’s grave, in place of a headstone. The fact that your tone is conversational tells of your love for this unique beauty in strong, firm visions.

  5. I assume that’s seaweed tied to the driftwood? Very zen.

    On another matter, I liked your comment on my blog this morning about turning a bible story into (essentially) a fanfic. I’m sure you improved the original a lot.

    • You assume correctly. There is lots of it…

      I’m quite with you, I think I improved them greatly–specially the parables of Judas and Job–alas, the local priest (and most of my teachers) didn’t agree. 😀

  6. There is beauty everywhere especially in both the living and the dead where one says “here I am” and the other “this was me”. Great thought provoking writing Magaly.

  7. Your energy feels so happy and contented….why do I feel that you have a secret to share? ….are you about ready to publish something??? XXX

    • How I wish I could publish something, but… since I’m not sure what my schedule will be yet, it would be silly to make this sort of plan. However, I started working on something new… I’m quite convinced that’s what you’re feeling, for I am super psyched about it. 😀

    • The strawberries and most of the fruits are usually gone by now. But… I’m not sure what’s going on with my we garden this year–the tomato is blooming and fruiting, the same goes for the strawberry, the lavender, and the passion flower has bloomed one flower EVERY DAY for the last two weeks. Weird… but so welcomed! 😀

  8. This is all wonderful, and I want to say beautiful things about these photos. But today seems to be putting me in my blanket cave, or under that rock that the pebbles are stacked on, so I’ll save it. Luvya!

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