Need Not Love Weird, Just Me

my Piano Man (showing the photo of a bottle): “Do you approve?”

me (squealing like a delighted maniac): “I want that bottle!”

my Piano Man: “Dead Guy Ale.”

me (half-choking on exclamation marks): “I want it!!!”

A few hours later, my Piano Man came home with two empty bottles of Dead Guy Ale for me to moon over. One of said bottles now resides next to my typewriter. I can glance at it while I’m writing. Every time I look at the skeleton, I grin… remembering the silly exchange that made it mine, basking in the bliss of having a love who knows exactly how to love me.

My sweet Piano Man is not a lover of creepy things (aside from me, that is). But our home is full of what many would probably think of as rather weird—bones, thorns, ashes that used to be alive, enough skulls to make you wonder if “skull fetish” shouldn’t be a thing, hammers, axes, random sticks… and my Piano Man never makes them feel unwelcome.

Some time ago, while I assisted in a Coming of Age dance ritual, the crone leading it (waves at Yudelis), said, “May your weird find a weird to love and be loved by”. I remember thinking, That’s freaking brilliant.

Years later, after I have lived and love and loved and loved… I believe in those wise words more than ever: the success of a relationship doesn’t depend on how similar or different those involved are from each other, but on how well they can love one another while remaining who they are (or, perhaps, while growing together into what they want to be).

he honors my heart
with treasures stripped of all meat,
thoughts of weird be damned

33 thoughts on “Need Not Love Weird, Just Me”

  1. Profound beauty shines in all your heart-felt words and stories, my spirit is grinning with deep resonance ! All that you shared was true-magic to my heart, mind and soul! your sweet man sounds like mine! enjoy those beautiful treasures!
    PS: totally smitten with your dead guy ale, what a cutie!

  2. Awww gosh!❤ You make me want to believe and give love a chance all over again, Magaly!😀 Mine must be out somewhere having coffee ..flipping over work.. waiting to find me and wondering where i am (grins happily and dances)❤

  3. Oh my goddess!!! I can’t believe he really had to ask lol…he was just teasing you…no one could walk past that bottle without thinking of you lol XXX

  4. Loved this… and that cool bottle, but maybe it’s just me…. I don’t see you as creepy. Maybe because I’m a bit creepy, too? I do so love the darker things.

    • Our love of darker things might make us a bit creepy in the eyes of most of society. But you and I don’t think of it as creepy, and it is… then we are quite okay with it. Even proud of it. 😀

  5. Oh wow, what a loving gesture! Love this Maga, you’ve got yourself a keeper.♥♥♥
    And your words are so true, “a relationship doesn’t depend on how similar or different those involved are from each other, but on how well they can love one another …”

  6. DERP! I thought I had responded to this. I shall blame allergies (*sniff, sniff*) because that was a wonderfully sweet testament to the love and mutual understanding between you and your Piano Man. May we all be so lucky as to have someone who loves our inner (or maybe not so inner) weirdo.

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