Never Touch the Baby Carriage

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53 thoughts on “Never Touch the Baby Carriage”

  1. Eeeek! Creepy baby, indeed. Sounds like something out of that old horror movie, “Its Alive”. That stroller is kind of creepy as well. I can see why it inspired you.

  2. I love the dry tone here, and the surreal feel to it all–and I find myself vindicated for years of never trying to reach any sort of rapprochement with infants in carriages, arms or any other conveyance. The infant mind (of us all) surely is filled with not much besides infinite hunger…thanks Magaly for allowing me to wake up to this delicious darkness, and please, avoid buggies and strollers and have a kickass weekend.

    • Long, long ago, someone very intelligent and sexy and with great hair once said, “Humanity is nothing but hunger and terrible decisions.” All right, so I was the one who said it and just a few seconds ago, but it’s still true. Which proves that we must be a different sort of breed, for I, too, refuse to approach random baby carriages. One just never knows…

      Hope your weekend is glorious.

  3. They eyes have it. I understand that infants can start on tourist’s eyeballs at about 3 months. However, this leads to a glut of blind tourists knocking about inside old abandoned mansions. When anyone complains about anything, I always blurt out, “But what about blind tourists in abandoned mansions? Don’t you care about them?” Years later, we see the blind tourists on Dr. Phil, confronting the now-adult babies who gobbled their sight-spheres. The audience boos the tourists; they should just get over it and feel their way ahead. Babies have to eat. I mean, DUH.

    • I’m right with you. They have a small bench–a very uncomfortable little bench–just for them in the same semi-circle of hell reserved for people who jump ahead in line just because they can get away with it.

  4. Baby’s are evil, born with original sin, and they suck , suck up everything, attention, energy, time, eyeballs… it’s the way of life and those New Yorkers obviously had to learn the hard way… I mean, didn’t ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ teach them anything?

  5. Isn’t that a bit like the movie Omen?… there might be just that kind of babies… and you shouldn’t take advantage of babies anyway

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