Not Enough

The story or poem that used to live here is being rewritten… or, is on its way to a new home. But worry not, I’d never leave you without something to read. Just click the following links, and you’ll be able to delight in the newest Stories and Poems I’ve published on this blog.

53 thoughts on “Not Enough”

  1. It’s beautiful, Magaly. I’ll admit I was thinking it was going to be something completely different after reading that title. lol And what an amazing picture by Shelle! 🖤

  2. So true – so beautifully expressed. This should be written across the sky so everyone can read it and learn rule no 1 of loving another person.

  3. An independent and confident woman wants much more than just physical love. She needs intellectual discussions and much more. Very true needs if a modern woman!

  4. Our souls are birthed and perhaps designed in a way that we long for deep and intellectual conversations. Love isn’t merely a physical gesture or need, rather it’s a potpourri of emotional and spiritual connection. Especially love; “feed me cared for verbs.”❤️

    • Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

      The first time I spoke to my Piano Man, I asked, “How are you?” And he said, “I am well.” I remember smiling like a lunatic who knew she had just gotten lucky. I know this sounds like very little, but I can be enchanted by the owner of a mouth and heart who uses his words properly. And by all the gods. my husband is amazing with his words… and all the rest… which makes me as lucky as I believed myself on that first day.

      All right, so I got a bit overexcited with this comment. I blame it on your mention of “potpourri of emotional and spiritual connection.” What a delightful phrase.

    • And you, my delightful writer friend, put your finger on the reason why I separated them. The first reads as if she is still suggesting that they have time, that he has been messing up, but… there is hope. In the second one she is not so sure. It seems to me that she has already tasted that silence… and it left a nasty taste in her mouth.

  5. I love this piece, as well as the other one. Each has its own lovely nuance that makes them stand alone, but I also think the two could support each other quite well when combined.

  6. Bewitching and soulful…(and so pure, the soul needs to be fed and treasured)…and Shelle’s art is most a visual-emotional-echo of your words, stunning combination!

    wishing you a magical week…

  7. the mesh between intimate relations and elements of writing structure or language – “cared for verbs” – helps illuminate the message of a need for intellectual connection to be coupled with the physical connection

    awesome poem!

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