Of “Coquette”, in Catechism for a Girl on Fire

I have a soft spot, in my wicked wild heart, for irrepressible souls. The same goes for words that show just what said souls are all about. Catechism for a Girl on Fire (don’t you just love that title?), by Shay Simmons, is filled with poems that celebrate the sort of uniqueness that makes the world a wondrous place to inhabit, to love… I found myself saying, “Oh!” a lot as I read Shay’s words. And when I got to “Coquette”, I fell in love.

I’m enchanted by the flirtatious title, the images the whole poem wraps around the mind. I love that the speaker makes a heart out of what others might discard, that she claims her Frankensteined treasure and invites another to love it… even if (to them) it might not look like much. And the ending, oh! the brilliance of that ending, how it leaves us to decide if the resulting nightmares will be bad or good. I’m going for freaking delicious.

You can delight in more of Shay Simmons’ poetry on her blog, Shay’s Word Garden. If you want to read a fantastic review of the entire book, fly over to Verse Escape. To get your own copy of this gem, follow follow this link to Amazon.

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  1. I love discovering new (to me) writers. Whether it’s an odd volume I stumble upon in the depths of a library, or a recommendation from friend, I welcome them all. Thanks for this delight. She’ll go high on my wish list.

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