Of Red and Black Stitches and Freakishly Wild Things

I have spent the last few weeks (perhaps more *cough*) working on the logistics of readying an Etsy shop, which was supposed to be opened to the public today… When I say “the logistics” I mean “the nightmare”. So, before I get to the real purpose of this post, I want to take my cyber-hat off to Sharon, Lorelei, Stacy and every other Etsy goddess who sells her art online gracefully enough to make it look easy. You, freaking tricksters!

Anyhoo, my original poetry handwritten and stitched with ink and heart, won’t be found on my Etsy shop for a few more weeks. But… to those of you who have already fallen for one of my stitched poems or blackouts (and have been waiting patiently… or not so patiently), I’m making them available through PayPal.

If you see something you love and want, email me (magalyguerrero @ live . com), and I will get back to you. Soon, (after the Beautiful Freaks Fest), I will share a post (or three) with more details about the process.

For now, because you’ve been so patient with me, I want to share a few images of framed pieces with you, and host a pre-Freaks Fest giveaway. The details for the giveaway will be added to the end of the post.

This “Must Love Freaks” tanka poem is handwritten on a recycled passion fruit tea bag, and stitched to a 5×5 piece of recycled handmade paper.

“Powerful Freaks” is a quote handwritten on recycled coffee filter paper, and stitched to a 4×4 piece of recycled Moleskine parchment. This specific piece is not available for purchase because it’s mine! But worry not, my Luvs, I can craft a new one just for you.

Someone wanted to see a blackout poem bit on “its natural environment”. To which I said that what’s natural to me could look quite queer to him. But, since the prospective costumer is always right, here is a piece (not for sale) on my natural environment.

I made this blackout last night, and photographed it this morning (I’ve been playing around with light and such), to see when is the best time to photograph my poem bits (obviously, close to dawn is too blue of a time). It’s stitched to a 5×7 piece of recycled handmade paper.

Most of my poem bits available for sale will be One of a Kind or limited to 3 original pieces. But a few (certain quotes and “Motivational Snarks” *more on that later*) will be sold as Limited Editions (I haven’t decided just how many yet). “Made of Wild” is an example of what I mean:

That’s what I’ve been up to, these past few days, weeks… plus writing fiction, poetry, and delighting in other deliciously wicked things. What about you?

(super easy) wee giveaway notes…
– For a chance to win the “Made of Wild” quote or the “Reality Is Disaster” blackout poem (frame not included), leave a comment telling me which piece you would like to win… and what you like best about it. See? Super easy. 😉 A winner will be chosen after the BFF.
June 27th – the winner of the giveaway is… Victoria.

29 thoughts on “Of Red and Black Stitches and Freakishly Wild Things”

  1. Yay, love this! And yep, I got wind of Freakishly Wild Things coming through Etsy. 😊 Best of luck setting up the shop. I’m one of those who’ll wait patiently. What I’m also excited about is that you can craft new things on request…

    As for the giveaway, I wish I could say I’m “Made of Wild”. But the truth is, I am contradiction.😅

  2. So… you do know that I’m laughing out loud over:

    “Reality is a terrible disaster.”

    We will eventually get this thing done, and hopefully look back on all the crazy preparations and laugh. Hopefully. 😉 😀 ❤

  3. I am so excited about your shop!!! You know, if you need any help, I am here for you! I love all your pieces!! Oh, just to let you know, if you can, photograph outside, with the sun behind you, that will give you the best photos! As for the giveaway, I LOVE “Made Of Wild”!!! What do I like best about it?? I am a wild girl at heart!!! 🙂
    (Now I have to try to put the “right” words together for the party!!)
    Big Hugs 🙂

    • Thank you sooo much for offering help. I think that without you and Emma and Sharon, I would’ve already pulled of my hair out. It’s a learning process, like everything else, but sometimes… it gets on my nerves, lol!

      I shall try the photographs with the sun behind me. I’m pretty sure that the best photos I’ve taken are a product of that positioning, but I doubt I had made the connection. *giggles*

      And you are a wild girl all around!

  4. Yay! The first steps have been taken. I think you will do awesome. Since I already have one of your black out pieces, I will refrain from entering your give away. That takes a load off of me because I would have to choose a piece and I love them ALL!
    P.S. I am more than happy to help with the Etsy stuff.

    • Stepped, we h ave. And I’m still stepping (I almost wrote “steeping”, which was probably accurate, lol).

      You are such a non-greedy person. How do you do it? Ask Stacy, I can never say no art. Hence my walls are covered with her stuff.

      And thanks a bunch for giving me permission to pester you, since I was probably planning on it anyway. 😀

  5. Hi Magaly, I love everything you create, I am deeply draw to `made of wild`..only my soul knows why! …your works are visually potent for me..and it feels like pure energy, pure magic..like an arrow directly piercing my soul and it feels like home!
    Very generous of you..

  6. Both rock, but I really like the “Reality is a terrible disaster” one. The words are either hysterical or devastating depending on how you look at them. And I love the cheeky “e” at the end of terrible that seems to insist it was always the right letter for the job, even if the printer didn’t know it at the time.

  7. I’m excited for your Etsy shop to open! =D I will cross all of my fingers and toes that the rest of the “logistics” go more smoothly. ^_~

    I am madly in love with “I am made of wild”… and as much as I love the words and the stitching and knowing that your wonderfully witchy hands made it, I am extra enamoured with the bit of twig at the bottom. I know… the twig? Really? But yes… the twig. It gives the words just a little bit extra oomph… the last, tiniest, but most necessary ingredient in the spell… <3


  8. Hi Magaly…Yay! Thank you!! I am super-excited and honored to have your gorgeous art in my home! Massive thanks for your generous spirit…I am so happy…thank you again! hugs

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