Of Summer Rains

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71 thoughts on “Of Summer Rains”

  1. This has such a delicate pensive feel to it, until you get to summer rains. Around here, summer rains are sudden and intense, but so refreshing after the heat. After the summer rains, I imagine the muse stopping her pacing and going off to enjoy romping in puddles.

  2. Whistles!! My goodness Magaly 😀 this poem is an absolute treat! Especially adore “The muse paces creativity’s mind, wanting wetted canvas to sprinkle with rainbowing tales of poesy.” Sigh beautifully expanding ❤❤ Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support 😀

    Lots of love,

  3. You color our world with a brightness that comes only with that true eye for beauty and for life–we wait for the magic, and if we wait with the right mind, it always comes. Lovely, Magaly–and I hope you are well.

  4. “I’ve decanted spring blossoms” brings to mind stemmed glasses filled with the sunshine they call dandelion wine. What a picnic of a piece!

    • Often, while I’m coloring a page, I start thinking what the drawing is trying to say. By the time I’m done, a few lines of a wee tale are written in my skull. The process is quite enjoyable…

  5. Hi Magaly
    As you usually do you enthrall me with the sensuous nature of your words, your work is always so enticingly and the notion of your muse impatient to explore the ideas you have. Loved the image too…..have a great weekend.

  6. How delectable!

    I hate colouring-in, feeling it to be restrictive, but I might have to revise my opinion. Yours looks like a gorgeous free flow.

    And I love how you expand the poem by adding a new beginning to culminate in the original.

    • I shared your feelings the first time someone gave me a coloring book (one of my pain management therapists, who wanted me to work on my hand mobility). But the very first thing I colored made me smile. I pretty much let my heart run while with the pencils. There is no real method to my madness. I usually play an audio book, grab some pencils and let them fly. It’s all sort of fun! And while I’m at it, I think of the story behind the drawing. I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit. I hope you do reconsider. ♥

  7. It is hard to pluck a favourite image from this glorious poem – just the tonic for a Sunday morning – and that colouring book is fabulous too! You dared to make the page your own – magic!

  8. You are so creative, magaly. i love all of this, from words to picture, and of course, the glories of Spring.

  9. your poem does justice in a beautiful way to the decanting of spring blossoms in the art piece, nuturing a sprouts of pensive rainy words

    Have a nice Sunday

    much love…

  10. I love creativity on creativity – what you’ve done to this coloring page is wonderful. I received a beautiful coloring book as a gift. You have inspired me to use it.

    • Every coloring book I have has been a present. I’m not sure I would have started coloring if someone hadn’t given me one. I hope you pull yours out and feed it some colors soon!

  11. This is wonderful: the way that you have personified various aspects of creativity makes me want to stretch out on a picnic blanket under a blue sky and – well … create something! Smiles.

  12. What a lovely poem! And I especially love, “I’ve decanted spring blossoms and sprinkled hues over blank lands”. I mean this line reads like a song. Beautiful and beautiful, the coloured page too.♥

  13. ah, what we have over here are sudden thunderstorms, but well, it’s still rain. 🙂
    great piece of artwork you have there. loved the pastel, earthy colours. penning a poem in adds a new dimension. should be on instagram.

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