Once, I Had Poetry for Breakfast (and for Tea)

I let my breakfast sit for too long and it turned to vine.

nature breeds
wild spidery phonies
on fall weeds

my tea leaves
spring hearts, to help me
warm winter

the wee notes…
– I wrote the one-liner this morning, when I reached for a chayote to have for breakfast, and realized it had decided to grow itself a tree. The senryū and haiku, I wrote sometime last month. In the original version of the haiku, the third line includes the phrase “the fall”. I changed it for “winter” because, well… it’s quite frosty outside and my tea knows it.
– for Poets United.

47 thoughts on “Once, I Had Poetry for Breakfast (and for Tea)”

  1. Your sprouts are gorgeous and I luv your tea hearts.
    Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas.
    Thank you for dropping in at my Sunday Standard today.

    From Dec 25 2017 to Jan 6th 2018. Lunch Break will be hosting its TENTH YEAR of The Twelve Days of Christmas with a Linky
    Of Course you are invited

    much love…

  2. So did you eat it or plant it?…I bet you took ages to decide lol
    And this warm winter is causing havoc here too…my mae holly trees are in flower with no females due for months XXX

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