Our Strange Creature

The story or poem that used to live here is being rewritten… or, is on its way to a new home. But worry not, I’d never leave you without something to read. Just click the following links, and you’ll be able to delight in the newest Stories and Poems I’ve published on this blog.

71 thoughts on “Our Strange Creature”

  1. My goodness! ❤️ There is so much to love here, the passion, the fire and intensity that accompanies each verse is simply breathtaking! Especially love; “Her kind has heart and brain that must feel deep and tell true, or implode” and oh “The smallest of us can put an end to wasteful death, agree to live.” Beautifully executed! ❤️

    Lots of love,

  2. I always love these gatherings of persons and words. You personally have outdone yourself with your own entry. I am gobsmacked with the whole but totally enamored with this bit…..”Once, she ate Love in three bites and he curled up around her bones.” I want to crawl inside this phrase and live here. It is so yummy and fabulous.
    Thank you so very much for this year’s write in October.
    xoxo Oma Linda


  3. I dont know where your muse gets these awesome writes. I wish I could go there. This leaves me feeling like….well, kinda like Gina said….except I want to eat some of those verbs!

  4. This is heady stuff! This is a love song to the art of writing, and (happily for all of us driven to distraction by the need to write) how fueling that love, honestly and truly, yields so much more back.

  5. Magaly, wowness… this is sublime, magical, powerful…I love this bewildering strange creature, I feel all of your words in my bones…and feel this sense of “home” in my heart( I have read this a few times now, it calls to me potently)!! and I can feel her deep magic stirring my soul..I connect with ever single word and the passionate force-field both you and she… is shimmering….wild magic! this was stunning!

    Thanks for hosting this magical event !
    The photo of “played with rare” is gorgeous and visually piercing…love it!
    have a magical day!

    • Words are the best wild magic. When shared, they grow and become more beautiful and meaningful. The more we love each other’s words, the best the life-story gets.

      Enjoy your week, sweet Victoria.

  6. I know now that words can touch, they have a physical presence that can reach out and grab you, you can feel them entering your skull… brilliant Ms Wicked

  7. To say this is your best, for me, by you is an understatement.
    I can see your smile as you create this piece, and it is such a delight to listen to this “strange creature”, with wisdom to acknowledge that “[Lust]… will ride you for three lines and leave you without ending.” Wow!

    Your words are magical, Magaly. And your word garden on Instagram, even more so. I know I want a piece of your handwritten work to treasure. All in good time… 🙂 Thanks once again for hosting this amazing blog party!

  8. Once, I ate a verb
    that filled me with wanting
    to be sated by poems… Magaly this is outstanding.. love both pieces here… and Once, she ate Love in three bites and he curled up around her bones… surely one of your most inspired and inspiring posts that I’ve read so far.

  9. Nouns are made of dough,
    best when mixed and teased till… ‘Yum!’
    Once, I ate a verb
    that filled me with wanting
    to be sated by poems.”
    Wow amazing
    The whole poem is very alive, passionate and just amazing

  10. It is wonderful that your muse is so in love with you and teases you into such beautiful visions for us to read and feel amazed and jealous over because our words won’t come out the same way. But I love all that you do and I don’t want your words to stop either.

  11. Interesting juxtaposition of words and ideas Magaly

    ““Nouns are made of dough,
    best when mixed and teased till… ‘Yum!’

    those 2 lines made me giggle

    much love…

  12. As so often, Magaly, you come up with some wonderful images. I like the idea of nouns being made of dough and also eating a verb that fills one with wanting. I love the creative way your mind works!

  13. Yes, nouns tend to be rather bland and doughy until we eat a few verbs to fill them with fire and wanting. Your muse takes you to amazing places!

  14. Lust never plays fair.
    He will ride you for three lines
    and leave you without ending.”

    Wow, just a wonderful piece of writing…I think I’ve hungered for lines a time or two.

  15. I had to read this several times to really feel full–second and third helpings of something this good is only barely enough. There have been lots of quotes in these comments, and I agree with every one of them, but my very very favorite is the last line. When I read this, I felt that someone had written my heart. Wonderful work, Magaly.

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