Out of Nature’s Bones

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57 thoughts on “Out of Nature’s Bones”

  1. Love this… and I do think beauty is everywhere, you just have to look and find the beauty of grey.

    There is a song for that.

  2. Yes – time doesn’t kill beauty…only people do. I like that thought. I like your collection of photos and poetry expressing the ideas that even in the autumns/winters there is beauty…when we take the time to look for it!

  3. The two haiku were a delight Magaly. I agree that was a sad comment to make about age and beauty; perhaps there had never been true love in that lady’s life.

    • I didn’t even think about the love aspect, but you are right. A person who has gazed into the eyes of true love, will never see herself as ugly. Maybe, there is still time for her. I don’t think she’s even 50 yet…

  4. What an inspired post. Stunning photographs … and the haiku is wonderfully nuanced and thought-provoking. I sometimes think, modernity raises us to accept beauty at face value and not to pause and appreciate the truth and the wisdom we can glean from truly ‘seeing’ and contemplating life – in all its intricacies. An awesome job on this, Magaly!

  5. Some people can get ugly without ever aging a day. 😉 I love especially the second of these, Magaly–and they all show us that beauty is everywhere if you are looking for it.

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous writing, Magaly!❤ I completely agree that beauty comes with time 🙂 such a wonderful way of contemplating life. Especially adore “time-caressed blossoms evolve under winter’s kiss,
    showing new beauty.”❤

  7. What a beautiful, thoughtful rebuttal. Everything had beauty. We but need to look at the world with our heart’s eyes! The haiku was wonderful! Your photography stunning, as always!

  8. Yes, winter is associated with death, dying, endings…but you are right, as we age we seek or become another beauty, not to be compared with youth. Wonderful books: “Ageless Women, Timeless Wisdom”, Dr. Lois Frankel, and Lisa Graves, and “Wise Women”, Joyce Tenneson.

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