Outstepping Our Old

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77 thoughts on “Outstepping Our Old”

  1. There’s no reason to marinate in toxicity. I’ve found after any initial sadness, there comes this moment when you realize how good it feels to get away from an awful person. Everything seems so much better after that. Here’s to making a good escape!

  2. I found this so full of my own feelings that I had to reread it to look more closely at yours–no one can hurt us more than those who betray our trust, no one can take more away than those we thought were giving…and nothing is more serious than the havoc wreaked by those who use people as their emotional playground. This is packed with power and insight, Magally, far beyond the word count–amazing what you can make a 55 say. Thanks so much for playing, and hopefully writing and rewriting this heals the heart a bit, as good poetry should, though some wounds leave pain behind forever in the scars.

  3. I’m glad you wrote her out of your system. Life has taught me that there are those out there with 2 faces. Human beings are the most dangerous mammals. I enjoyed reading it and could relate to it…I’ve had a few chameleons in my life…but you know what…they always get found out.

    • It took a long, long, long time… These days, the only thing that remains is my disbelief–I can’t understand how I didn’t see it earlier. Then again, hindsight always sees better after the spill.

  4. Oh damn! From your lips to God’s ears. This is an anthem in 55 form, my own history reflected from your writing. Besides being able to connect absolutely with the message, the writing itself is precise and powerful. Fantastic.

  5. Your poem immediately brought to mind a long term friendship that I finally ended last August. Then I read your comments about it and thought, yes…that is it exactly.


  6. This is incredibly raw and poignant! I can relate to the pain of realization when we find out the person whom we held dear doesn’t deserve us in the first place. Beautifully penned. 💜

  7. A while back, when I was first realizing how I needed to get away from a group of people and I was writing about it, a friend noted that he’d read someone else writing about the same group, and we had both referred to the environment around there as “toxic.”

    It’s weird how you can ignore a toxic environment. Maybe it’s like the proverbial frog in boiling water, where it just gets a little worse and a little worse and we don’t notice.

    It’s good that we eventually do, though!

  8. At first read, I immediately thought about a broken friendship or relationship. I also saw your description. But could be a metaphor, like a resolution to become a better person.

  9. She must have really hurt you for you to unshut your eyes, Magaly. I’m afraid I had a similar thing with my sister, which is why these lines resonate with me:
    ‘I see our history now—
    you, forcing death into my lungs
    and calling your breath life…
    your greed leeching, leeching…
    leeching everything you touched.’

  10. Eyes unshut see more than eyes never shut. I love the trust. Even though hurt feels worse than if only half trusted. I’m not exactly saying what I mean, but I feel you’ve chose each of your words exceptionally well.

  11. There must have been sadness and disappointment too surely as the friendship became impossible? Many years ago I had a great work colleague and it was quite a surprise to see his other side just like you did. I could never trust him again.

  12. was in fact a total shit to people
    she couldn’t get anything from

    They come in all shades and colors. The only solution is to be one-step ahead!


  13. This is awesome, Magaly. I think, sooner or later, we all run into someone who, doesn’t seem to have a clue about how to treat people – all people, even those, with whom it is not readily apparent what there is to be gained from their friendship. It always amazes me that they don’t seem to realize that sorting people into ‘keep’ or ‘discard’ piles is an atrocious, mean-spirited way of proceeding through life. Their loss.

    • There is a Terry Pratchett quote that says, “Evil begins when you begin to treat people as things.” I don’t use the word evil lightly, but I think these words tell a terrible truth about this sort of individuals.

      Their loss, indeed.

  14. Here’s to the necessary unshutting and outstepping! Fascinating to see in the comments how many of us have been through such an experience. Yes, me too. Remarkable too, how quickly that particular pain can fade, I think because the whole relationship was based on illusion. The reality taints even the good memories … but then one remembers again, that friend you thought you had wasn’t actually real.

    • I, too, found the relatability fascinating. Not that I didn’t think it hadn’t happen to others, but so many was a bit shocking to see.

      And yes, the last bit you said is the worse, you go back and find yourself reexamining everything and not knowing exactly what to feel about any of it.

  15. Anyone who has been in this situation can easily understand the pain, disbelief, and anger. This really says it. Also, I love your title !

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