Part of What Makes Me

I play with my fruit, talk to tart and sweet alike, let my tongue (and teeth) love it from peel to flesh to seed… I love a good piece of fruit, invite its lush to fill me, to become part of what makes me, to see the shape of me (from the inside).

I found a moist heart
chilling, just staring at me,
begging for a bite


“Passionflowers are weeds”, you say to me, your disdain for the bohemian bloom as ludicrous as the possibility of your opinion mattering to my garden (or to me).

“I’ve always thought of you as invasive, parasitical, and not at all pretty”, I say to you. “Aren’t you glad that laws (and people) I respect find you useful?”

my passion
flowers in wild twists,
by nature


My favorite place in the hospital blooms and buzzes in July. The chant feeds my all. I sit on grass, thoughts crowned by coneflowers, fingertips slow dancing with soil. Passersby glance, smile, or shake their heads (as if trying to dispel the slow-death escaping the chimneys they have made of their nostrils). The honeyed buzz, the life-song, the winged dance is ended by puffs of smoke. The coneflowers and I droop a little, wondering why…

bees and blooms
do it perfectly,
why not us?


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49 thoughts on “Part of What Makes Me”

  1. Love this so much
    From the watermelon juice to the passionflower to the thought of soul soil under your nails in a sterile place to the coneflower honeybee love
    Lyrical in words and images
    Just gorgeous

  2. This is beyond beautiful, Magaly! 💖 I was particularly struck by the passion flower which looks like it literally commands authority and respect. 😊

    Happiest of Tuesdays to you!☕💕

  3. Ooh, interesting – the fruit, the passionflower, and even the wondering droop.
    Such scintillating images and something akin to mindfulness in your words – every experience captured in its own delight. I really liked it.

    • I’m still enjoying the watermelon’s heart. It runs all the way through. And it’s so sweet.

      About the chimneys *sigh*. I might be a tad biased against smoking. Not just because it annoys the bees, but also because it smells funny, lol!

  4. This was wonderfully pensive. I can see her sitting in the grass, sharing her space with the flora and fauna, slightly annoyed with the acrid smoke of workers on break. Deliberating the judgements of the blind and misguided, standing up for the things and people that she loves with teeth, tongue, and ink while still keeping her own head above water is both brave and sad. Wonderful!

  5. I wanted to take a big bite outta that melon…damn!!! this was a beautiful stroll, perfect for a Tuesday morning or any morning for that matter. You are spot on as usual, now give me that melon….

  6. I’ve been eating watermelon today – I love it! I also love your words, especially: ‘talk to tart and sweet alike, let my tongue (and teeth) love it from peel to flesh to seed’; ‘fingertips slow dancing with soil’; passionflowers as bohemian blooms is brilliant; and that lovely play on words:.
    ‘my passion
    flowers in wild twists,
    by nature’.

  7. Oh you made me long for fruits
    but all I have are those delicious plums in the icebox.

    Let the blooms be, and for me the passionflower might be weed, let it be just as it is.

  8. bees and blooms
    do it perfectly,
    why not us?

    We’ve been most unfair and cruel to them. Are there ways to make amends? There are but none are too serious to follow through! Thoughtful take Magaly!


  9. I enjoy bloom & nature’s dance,and the fact that we can be an active participant or observer. I’m always stopping to touch and smell, and left behind because sometimes the wonder and beauty causes an uprupt stop as others just walk on by.

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