Passion in Bloom

I can’t garden as much as I would like, but I can still delight in watching my wild witchy garden grow… and bloom. I care for 20 something green babies, but only two of them flower—the daisy in autumn and the passiflora in spring. The latter just offered a late spring gift:
Passion Flower (1)

The whole house smells delicious. I can’t stop myself from walking to the vine, and inhaling the flowers’ yumminess from up-close… or from playing with the tendrils:
Passion Flower (2)


Nature is such a crafter, isn’t she? You leave her alone for bit… and she weaves wonders:
Passion Flower (3)

I’m not growing any vegetables at the moment. I was too sick to start the seeds when the time was right. I might buy a plant… I miss grabbing a tomato or a pepper from my own garden.

On the writing front, I’m editing and rewriting for my next short story collection. I’m taking it very slow… enjoying the process. I’m writing a tale or three in between. I’m living and grinning. What about you, my Wicked Luvs? What have you been up to?

33 thoughts on “Passion in Bloom”

  1. Pretty! Here it’s all kind of a mess … just running to keep up with everything, and falling behind on the publishing. But it could be worse. 🙂

  2. Glad to hear you’re living and grinning. It must be such a wonderful fragrance scenting the home with that flower. It reached 100 today so I think Summer is here officially.

  3. I’m sorry about you being sick preventing you to garden as much as you wanting. Through everything I ve been through I have had a lot of losses in my garden last year. One of them hit me the hardest. It was a huge lavender bush that was one of my first ever plants. I mourned over it.
    I wish next spring your witchy garden overtakes your apartment and turns it into a jungle where you live pain free and sick free with lots of love, writing and passion.

  4. I have no idea how passionflowers smell, but now I’m curious. The wonky weather here threw off me trying to start anything besides what was already establish in my yard, but I hope this year I’ll have a black hollyhock bloom by the Casablanca lilies.

  5. I remember when you started that passion vine… Mother Nature should be your nickname.. So sorry your health has not been too good… somehow, I know you will perservere
    Right now I am trying to get my garden in order… have repotted, downsized.. in that order..
    Also getting the watering schedule of my grass down… (drought in Cali)…. so far so good. Grass is green… w/slight spotting of a thirsty lawn…..

    • Remember how it almost died? But it’s thriving and blooming.

      I hope you share pictures of your garden and all the friends that visit your yard soon.

      And thank you so much for the healing words. ♥

  6. Gardening is good for what ails us. I am so glad you are enjoying yours. I hope you begin to feel better soon and know you do, too! Wrapping you up in a big bubble of healing energy, hope it helps! Love you much!

  7. She is so pretty! So magical! I love her! I am so so sorry about you being ill!!! I agree with Gina, grow some sweet peas 🙂 Me, I’ve been gardening and painting. And, trusting with all my heart, that everything is going in the right direction! LOL! Big Hugs 🙂

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