Perfumes that Tell Stories Real

pre-Witches in Fiction Giveaway, 4:  Avalon Eau de Parfum, sponsored by Alchemy & Ashes

Descend to me, and soothe my disarray
And so it’s done
Hear my words Avalon
~ “Avalon”, by Sully Erna

I smell the myth before the apples start growing out of the page. My thoughts taste rubied roses, dancing out of words that are forests, enticing me to fly into fairy-told highs. This perfume tells stories real—reaching from dirt to clouds, plunging paragraphs through heart cages, ripping gasps from lips and tongues, giving imagination all the feels.

at night, story me
with the scented myths of fall
and Avalon mists


a wee note…
– From the Island of Avalon (via the crafty portals of Alchemy & Ashes), this perfume brings to you the sweet fruity aroma of Apples, entangled with the floral scent of Rose, deepened by the exotic spice Cardamom, rooted by the orchard woods, and enchanted with a hint of musk (½ ounce Atomizer with info card in black organza bag).

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31 thoughts on “Perfumes that Tell Stories Real”

  1. I have no idea what my great-uncle’s house smelled of. But a few months after he passed away, for a moment, on the usually stinky subway, I smelled that distinct smell. I wasn’t in need of any particular healing at the time, but it made my day brighter as I remembered the visits from when I was a little kid, playing in the deep-pile blue carpet, of my great-aunt giving us cookies from the corner cabinet, of the kugel and cholent my great-uncle would bring out with great fanfare when we used to stop by after Sabbath services. I was newly un-religious at that point. Maybe the smell healed me for a tiny bit that day by allowing me to remember the good parts without having to associate them with the painful. There is no way that smell was coming from anything actually on the subway…

  2. Oh my, as if the giveaways weren’t awesome enough, Alchemy & Ashes scent is truly an object of desire, your magic words (in each & every post) are an added realm to each item, like you gift wrapped all these beautiful things in your wordy magic Ms Wicked!
    Scents & healing… well I am always comforted by the smell of Aerogard, it takes me back to sitting on a picnic rug with my mum and grandparents, other siblings, dad was working, it was a daytime dog race meeting at Richmond, and we had sandwiches, but the flies of course came out when they did… I was 3 years old, and I remember thinking as mum sprayed on the Aerogard over our arms & legs it was the most beautiful smell ever, and that was why the flies left, because they like the smell of garbage, not this beautiful concoction… Now even knowing that scent was an insect repellant I still am transported back to a happy place at the mere sniff on a summers day 🙂

      • My old boss, a creative director at Avon told me that the military was the biggest buyer of SOS… He had done some army stuff in a previous life too, he was from New York, an amazing man, Joe Tagarello, I wonder if it is still used, I think it is hilarious that the scent hits the ‘boot camp’ response, too cool 😻

  3. I would leave a comment sharing my thoughts on the relationship between scents and healing….but I am too busy chilling in the mages that those smells bring to my aching *virus filled* head 😀 XXX

  4. Ahh, Avalon perfume sounds completely perfect.

    To be honest, when I suffered with depression, it was often the smell of patchouli incense that lifted my mood, if only slightly. Even now, when I feel myself drifting into that dark pit, I’ll just light a stick of incense and lose myself within the pages of a favourite book.

    Whenever I pass someone who’s wearing Patchouli oil, it takes me back to my teenage years. So maybe, for me, it triggers memories of carefree days.

  5. Our sense of smell has the deepest ties with our memory and a whiff of something can stir up long forgotten dreams and desires, or instantly transport you to a place in your past. Scents remind you of who you once were, and who you can be again.

    Her Almond Lip Balm sounds soothing and intriguing.

  6. Oh! I love the thoughts behind this post. Fragrance can be a wonderfully enchanting thing. The right scent after a long day can feel like an olfactory hug.

    My Story:
    Trudging through the city, I caught a scent that sang of a long forgotten childhood. I let my nose lead my heart and feet to home, and healing.

    I’ve enjoyed A&A’s soaps for quite some time, but am intrigued by her perfumes. Avalon sounds lovely, but so does Conjure.

  7. I am a big smeller, sniffer, finder of lovely aromas. As a child I became such because we always had roses and iris in the yard. I made rounds everyday to sniff each and write in my diary what I found. I was by myself lots as a kid and this ritual always brought comfort to my lonely soul. Aromas and healing, yes, I’d say they are hardwired in me.
    And this combination of smells looks to be a yummy sniff. xoxo Oma Linda

  8. Literal decades have passed since the Mrs Baird’s bread factory was housed at the intersection of hwy 75 and mockingbird lane. As a child, when we would drive to Dallas, it’s scent would possess my soul for miles, of anticipation or satiation… depending on the flux of the breezes. I’m long since done with overly manufactured white bread more applicable to making dough dolls than providing nutrition, but almost every time I near that now radically different crossroads, the yeasty aroma assails my olfactory receptors in a strange mixture of memory and healing peace. My physiology learning taught me that olfactory neurons are among the few of the brain that continue to reproduce, to learn and respond to new scents.

    Pheromones are full of power, of connections to otherness, of strength and healing. Aroma molecules inform our other senses in the longest distance and most sublime ways.

    I love my lavender that truly calms my soul, my melaleuca that heals and protects, ylang ylang that excites my soul, and bittersweet citronella that wards off those that would suck my blood!

  9. When spring is near I want to smell Lilly of the Valleys. I am not the only one. I thought I remember reading it’s a French tradition to wear this scent in the spring. Who am I to argue with the French!

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