Poe, Drusilla, Freud, Crows, a Few Ravens, and Five Ridiculous Haiku

I don’t always make haiku jokes. But when I do, Bashô wants to jump out of his grave… possibly into a pond. Are you giggling yet? Um… no? Tough crowd *cough*. Maybe you could grin with me for a bit? Why? Well, because a few days ago, my physical torturer said that I could get back to exercising. That makes me grin a lot… and grinning is contagious, my Wicked Luvs. Didn’t you know? Also, I received some yummy gifts from some even yummier friends (no, I didn’t eat them), and that, too, brings a smile to my face. Here is the booty, preceded by mildly hysterical haiku:

“Black!” shrieked the raven.
“Just like your mother,” slurred Freud,
tweaking, nevermore.
Poe, Drusilla, Freud, Crows, Ravens, and Haiku (1)

Wee crows soothe the witch,
and man keeps out of her way—
no frogs jump in pond.
Poe, Drusilla, Freud, Crows, Ravens, and Haiku (2)

Dead daisies and keys—
not to open your heart, that
Dru does with her teeth.
Poe, Drusilla, Freud, Crows, Ravens, and Haiku (3)

Headless in the woods,
Marie Antoinette Addams
plots bloody murder.
Poe, Drusilla, Freud, Crows, Ravens, and Haiku (4)

Above autumn leaves,
wee Drusilla’s grin suggests—
tonight, one will bleed.
Poe, Drusilla, Freud, Crows, Ravens, and Haiku (5)

I’ve already thanked everyone for their gifts. But I want to send a second giant, “Thank you!” to Stacy and Emma. That way, I get to remind you that Magic Love Crow (Stacy) and Little Gothic Horrors (Emma) make wonderful art that brings all kinds of bright to the heart. Fly by their cyber-homes and let their muses put huge grins on your face. 😉

Wee (just in case) Notes:
– Sigmund Freud had a cocaine problem.
– “An Old Pond” (frog poem), by Matsuo Bashô
Drusilla Amarantha Tepes, the Only… has been known to bite. Her tales are listed on my Stories page, under “Camp Cute, Creepy (and quite conveniently) Remote”.
– Wednesday named her doll after Marie Antoinette, condemned to death by guillotine.
* “Wednesday” print (a gift from Emma) is the work of Michele Lynch.

25 thoughts on “Poe, Drusilla, Freud, Crows, a Few Ravens, and Five Ridiculous Haiku”

  1. Not so bad then, having to sit around making up haiku and stories with this collection of lovely ladies…and a bit of Poe never hurt anyone. DO NOT over do it when you start back with the exercise…and yes that IS an Order!!! 😀 XXX

  2. 🙂 So happy, you can go back to your exercising! Take it easy young lady! Enjoy your special gifts! I know you will take care of them well 🙂 Love reading everything you wrote. I was laughing about twerking, with you, Debra and your hubby! LOL!

    • I’m pretty excited about it, too. I haven’t started yet–will start on Tuesday… will probably be sore for the next few days after that. But that’s okay. I’m just happy it’s happening.

      Debra and my Piano Man are hysterical!

  3. Your haiku are just fabulous… and a twerking Freud is quite the mental image… @_@

    Also, I am so, SO happy that you can get back to exercising! YAY!!! I’m doing a happy dance in my office for you, right this very minute. <3

  4. Well lookee here… researching ssweet & (h)armless Drusilla & found a post… a very funny one (with fab art & crafting by amazing people)… I may search again & see what turns up 😉

    • This is one of my favorite things about the “Popular Posts” features. Every now and again, I glance at the sidebar and find something I haven’t thought about in years. And sometimes, they have black birds in them. 😀

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