Portrait of a Modern Vampire

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53 thoughts on “Portrait of a Modern Vampire”

  1. Love that quote by Terry Pratchett!💖 I can picture him with his vanity and pride challenging all those who dare to defy. Yes, we must protect with knowledge! Beautifully executed.💖

  2. This modern vampire make me think more of Patrick Bateman than Dracula… glad that you focus on the murderous aspect more than the lust.

  3. Starve his vanity—
    make him choke on your backbone,
    drown his madness with your truth.

    Funny how many of us recognize someone in your poem. You’re good

  4. That’s a great Pratchett quote, Magaly, and I love your portrait of a modern-day vampire, especially:
    ‘make him choke on your backbone,
    drown his madness with your truth’
    ‘His mirror spews fibs’.

  5. he spreads like Agent Orange.
    Give him no access—
    protect your yard with knowledge,

    One ought to be very selfish with one’s own privacy! Good line to take Magaly!


  6. I identify with every word here–and the way you used “fibs” to reduce the Pufferfish to Babyman size especially charmed me. I think we should send him a ‘food box’ with dried blood, plaster casts of liver, and a gnarly spine to choke on.

    • It’s hard not to see that rot that pretends to be human as some kind of despicable infantile creature who has been given enough power to decimate anything that makes him pout.

      As you can see, I feel rather strong about bloodsucker.

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