Pumpkin Chili, Laughter, Masks and Skull Mayhem

The last few days have been a delicious blur. I did some Halloween decorating, dreamed about my little brother at least thrice… such wonderful dreams that burst with laughter and familiar mayhem. I danced, cooked and shared great food with family and friends. My urban witchy garden fully embraced the season. The pain squatting in my flesh and bones wasn’t a bastard at all. I ate meat and I didn’t get sick (I used one of the three to five diet cheating days I allow myself every year); there is some discomfort, but no intense tummy pain. And the night of All Hallows’ Eve was quite perfect. Here is the visual tale:
All Hallows' Eve 2015, Magaly (1)

Pumpkin and Black-Eyed Peas Chili (Um… who forgot to write down the recipe? *sigh*).
All Hallows' Eve 2015, Magaly (2)

Carrot and Pineapple Cake (the Little Princess requested a healthy but yummy treat).
All Hallows' Eve 2015, Magaly (3)
All Hallows' Eve 2015, Magaly (4)
All Hallows' Eve 2015, Magaly (5)
All Hallows' Eve 2015, Magaly (6)
All Hallows' Eve 2015, Magaly (7)
All Hallows' Eve 2015, Magaly (8)I’ve no idea who drove that huge knife into the Carrot and Pineapple Cake’s skull *cough*.
All Hallows' Eve 2015, Magaly (9)

31 thoughts on “Pumpkin Chili, Laughter, Masks and Skull Mayhem”

  1. Everything looks fangtastic!! My Halloween didn’t quite go to plan… a whole lot of unexpected occurrences… some okay, some not so okay. Suffice to say that my pumpkin is still sitting there without a face. *le sigh* We’re going to attempt a pretend Halloween next Saturday. 😉

  2. Let the Little Princess stand next to your cooking and dictate the recipe. She will be glad to help, and have a hoard of fans all her own!

    I don’t have a single picture to share this year, but we watched people getting killed and drank from a skull(-shaped bottle).

  3. Oh, it looks wonderful and yummy. We didn’t do anything. I was going on 10 days of a bad respiratory illness, then hubby caught the same, but gentler version. Planning for next year, though!

  4. If you ever find the recipe for that pumpkin and black-eyed pea chili, don’t forget all your friends out here in Blogland who’d love a copy! The knife in the skull is a lovely touch. Really lovely. I like it a lot. Really – a lot. 😉

    • It’s in my head. I was going to write it down without making the chili again, but that would be unfair. I need to measure stuff. I need to stop cooking by the seat of my pants *sigh*.

      I promise to write it and share it soon. If I haven’t done so in the next three weeks, remind me!

  5. Awww, everything looks wonderful! I have the biggest smile on my face 🙂 Love that knife! LOL! So special you shared some moments with your brother 🙂 Magaly, you are one good cook!!!

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