Remember the Witches

“The danger that comes from being other is still so real.” These words are part of a comment made by my friend, Sharon, about “A Rattle and a Wee Book on Her Grave”—a bit of fiction I shared with the third pre-Witches in Fiction 2015… Death Rites and Remembrances post. The behavior of one of the characters in the story sets her apart. Because of it, her village attacks her… the consequences are catastrophic.

The history of the world has been forever scarred by similar sorts of tragedies. Some have claimed so many lives that they promise to be a source of pain and shame for as long as humanity has heart and memory. Others—like the Salem Witch Trials—have brutalized a smaller number of souls… But the nature of the senselessness, malice and horror that caused them is like a broken bone… that although healed, will always remind the body of its injury.

pre-Witches in Fiction 2015, fifth giveaway:
Salem Village Cider 17th Century Hard Cider Soap and an East India Trading Co Spiced Orange Lip Balm, by Alchemy & Ashes

Witches in Fiction 2015… Death Rites and Remembrances fifth giveaway is sponsored by Alchemy & Ashes. The talented Shawnee Kircher created a soap inspired by what Salem was before the witchcraft hysteria of the 17th century… This plant based cold process soap is made by hand in small batches using real hard apple cider, pumpkin seed oil, annatto seed for colorant, swirled with nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, and ginger powders, and scented with essential oil of orange, ginger, and Peru balsam. A lucky Wicked Darling will receive one heavy 6.5+ oz bar of soap, and an East India Trading Co Spiced Orange Lip Balm.
Salem Village Cider Soap, by Alchemy & Ashes

Here is how to enter this giveaway: Answer this question: If you could speak to the spirit of a Salem Witch Trial victim, what would you say to her or him? For one extra entry, visit Alchemy & Ashes, and come back to tell me about an item you liked. Wishing for a second extra entry? Share this post on Facebook (tag me and Alchemy & Ashes). You can get a third extra entry, if you add these words at the end of your comment: “Magaly, do throw my name into your witchy cauldron!”

Giveaway Rules, details and stuff…
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* You can group all your entries in a single comment—or not… the choice is yours.

* To my Canadians, before you can claim your prize, I must test your mathematical brilliance by asking you a very obscure question, such as… what’s 13 + .5? Yeah, obscure…

* All Witches in Fiction 2015 giveaways will end on October 20th, 2015, at 10:13 pm, EDT. The winners will be chosen using Random.Org, and announced on October 21st, 2015.

* This giveaway is open to the US only, excluding any place where prohibited by law.

This is a pre-party post. Witches in Fiction 2015… Death Rites and Remembrances won’t take place until October 17th; to join the celebration, click the link.

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31 thoughts on “Remember the Witches”

  1. I simply love Alchemy & Ashes soaps and Lip Balms and though I was the lucky winner of this prize last year I would love to win it again :-). Of course my favorite item from Alchemy & Ashes is the very soap I won last year “French Quarter Voodoo” it is amazing.

    Now as for what I would say to a Victim of the Salem Witch Trials, I would simply say “I’m sorry” and maybe let them know that they did not die in vein and “that things have gotten better, it’s not perfect yet but it’s getting there.”

  2. ” If you could speak to the spirit of a Salem Witch Trial victim, what would you say to her or him?”
    Answer: I would tell them that their trials and troubles are still honored to this day and let them know that they did not ultimately suffer in vain. I would then “hug” their soul with all the love I could muster.

    Over at Alchemy and Ashes, I discovered what sounds PERFECT for me – the Four Thieves soap:
    It has a blend of oils that I absolutely love!

    Please Magaly, do throw my name into your witchy cauldron! 🙂 <3

  3. The Pendle Witches were also frightening and fascinating to read about–I think the malevolence is more societal than personal, that certain combinations of intense religiosity and conformity inevitably cause persecution. It’s true that when we deny ourselves natural pleasures, we revel in unnatural ones–cruelty, hatred, spite and heartlessness–the logical alternatives to love and connection to our human bodies and to the natural world that Puritanism despised as “sin.” You know the classic definition, right? ” “Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.” ― H.L. Mencken.

    • Group-think, religiosity, conformity, fear, and social norms created for who knows what reasons have lots to answer for. And Mencken had it right. Goodness gracious, what were those people thinking? I wonder what has to fill a person’s heart, in order to cause so much harm to others (and to self) while preaching that they are doing good… Sad business.

  4. What a luxurious giveaway! Gotta gotta visit their site right now….
    …ok, I’m back! The Gypsy Fortune Teller soap sounds divine 🙂

    Honestly, I don’t think one could imagine the terror and pain, sense of injustice and hopelessness a person who went through anything like those trials would be feeling, or how any of my words would sound anything except clueless and pointless, unfortunately. Except maybe: “Here take this. This poison will kill you within seconds, when you need it to.” 🙁

    Am I the Queen of emotional whiplash or what..? 😉

    Dear Magaly, do throw my name into your witchy cauldron!

    • You are not the queen of emotional whiplash… maybe a senator, or a royal relative at most. 🙂 Jokes aside though, I’m pretty sure that if they knew exactly what was going to happened to them, they would have welcomed that poison at the right moment. Sad, but true.

  5. I would tell the spirits, “Thank you, and we are still here!” Tagged and shared! I love Alchemy and Ashes and use their soap. I need to get some more! I use Sweet Alchemy! Great lather, wonderful scent, lasts really well!
    “Magaly, do throw my name into your witchy cauldron!”

  6. I don’t know what I would say or could say. There are so many people falsely accused of crimes they didn’t commit in all time periods. I am almost embarrassed that we as a society haven’t come all that far is so many years. I guess I would sit and listen to their sorrow and see what words come after hearing their individual stories.

    I am fond of A&A’s Kingdom By the Sea soap, but I think I should give Madame Voisin a try (I can think of a few friends who are crazy for bergamot and orange who’d love it).

    The post has been shared and I shall finish this off with “Magaly, do throw my name into your witchy cauldron!”

  7. I don’t think I would be able to say anything. I think I would just give them a hug or hold their hand.

    I don’t know that I could pick just one thing from Alchemy and Ashes site. Maybe the Outlander or Four Thieves soap or The Mystic’s Dream soap. 🙂
    ps…Magaly, do throw my name into your witch cauldron! (Please!) 🙂

  8. Oh my that Salem Village Cider sounds like a lovely scent to get help lathering up in the shower. I think that or the Druid sounds like my preferred indulgence.
    To be honest, I think I would try to offer the spirit an outlet for that anger that has to be simmering…I recommend Angry Plates. (Write your woes on a plate, then smash it to bits.)
    Please, Magaly, throw my name in your witchy cauldron.

  9. I am ok with not being in the giveaway area but I have to answer this question! I would say: “How can I help you get revenge… without getting put in jail! Also could you give super bad facial and genital warts to a few people for me?”

  10. Magaly, do throw my name in your witchy cauldron!
    I can be contacted at and
    I would say to a victim of the Salem witch trials “I know that feel.” I was one of them in another life. While it’s illegal to literally burn us seekers of truth at the stake today, some will certainly still try to make our lives hell for not believing as they believe.
    I checked out the lovely shop. My lips tend to be dry, I can always go for a good lip balm!
    Honestly, I have never tagged in a Facebook post before, and I’m not sure it turned out. I did like the Alchemy and Ashes page, and I shared the link. Hope that will be okay!

    Thank you for visiting us at poetryofthenetherworld dot blogspot dot com and commenting on Fae’s post.

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