Roses and Rot

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59 thoughts on “Roses and Rot”

  1. Agree with Sharon–hearts are very sore, fragmented things right now for some of us, and all too many seem to feel their fear justifies trampling them. This poem is sad, but also very forgiving and compassionate, two qualities not much in evidence atm–I am trying to come to terms with this deep and new division in a land where we are already so divided. Thanks for this, dear Magaly.

  2. This is such a stylish poem, Magaly. I love the control you have shown with your line breaks and the imagery is startling and clearly drawn. A passion that confuses rot with rises… my oh my!

    • Thank you for a wonderful prompt, Kerry. And triple thanks for introducing me to Crane. I plan to devour The Black Riders and Other Lines. I also see me writing some bits of my own on a similar style. The structure and motifs are just so compelling.

  3. Iv’e been trying to comment on your post all day and the gremlins inside the machine are having a field day with my electronics. Confusion of rot and roses seems to be the main stream of society, media, politics, and etc. etc. etc…..all that glitters is not I’ve been told. The post before this was quite an excursion through your vivid dream land. I have crazy dreams also and maybe one day I will share them.

  4. “your passion confuses / rot with roses.” you say everything in the lines…no wonder this world is such a hell already & waiting to be its superlative….ugh…

  5. We have such difficulty in understanding other human beings how much more difficult to sympathize with a cut rose whose beauty is cut short or a cow donating her milk but with no calf. Yet we think ourselves intelligent. Now look where your poem has taken me!

  6. “I think you not

    That is the best poem-opening eVeR. 🙂

    Everything about this poem is so beautifully sad.

    This is my fave:
    “your passion confuses
    rot with roses”

    It makes me think of a sick person … like me … manic-depressive. It’s an awful, awful disease. But if you love someone who has it, the love can be deeper … because when you love an ill person, you have to give more of yourself than you would in loving a healthy person.

    I think there’s a depth in that
    that’s worth mucking through,
    even though it hurts …
    e v e r y b o d y.

    • We lose so many things (so many people), when we forget that not everyone is the same, that not every person reacts to life in the same way. We can hate (and be really angry) at the things that afflict a person, but it would be cruel and disgusting to push them away for things they couldn’t control.

      Conscious thought though, is a different thing. When we are so blind by our own beliefs that we refuse to look beyond them, things are lost… and so are people.

      I hope we are all good enough to stand for a long as we can, while our friends (or us) can see beyond what matters to us… and into what is important for all.

      P.S. I think you might find this post interesting:

  7. It’s funny, before I read the comments here, I felt like you were talking to a part of yourself in the poem – “bit of my heart” maybe affected that. For myself, at least, I know I sometimes feel like I’m watching my own passions consume my brain’s guts and confuse rot for roses.

    • I think this could apply to all kinds of relationships, including relationships with self. Too many times we hold on to what we believe it’s right, that we consume our growth before it has a chance to flourish… Let’s hope we can see before our garden misses its season. ♥

  8. It must be so hard watching someone you care about so deluded that they cannot see the decay they are welcoming into their life when there are real roses to be tended. I see the political aspect, but there are so many other things this powerful piece could apply to as well.

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