Scars Are Lived Art

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53 thoughts on “Scars Are Lived Art”

  1. Written on the Body is one of my favourite books ~ talk about wordcrafting and wild witchery!

    Our scars. the ones (in)visible on the body. the emotional ones. They become part and parcel of who we are – are our road maps. sometimes to be hidden, kept secret; in other ways, to be re-drawn, as we shape our new boundaries and trace ourselves in new lines and directions, exploring ourselves and how we shape and break molds. however bold and open we wish. or remotely hidden for only some eyes to see …. you are more than just flesh, – spirit housed in a body, which, by grace will carry your wild love for many years to come. So keep walking, night and day, and scattering your poems, singing your songs …. and well, if it comes to it? cropped or bald, Is Beautiful … and if earrings accentuate your beautiful face and allow you to smile even brighter on a day ~ then yes.

  2. I love what you’ve done with the line, Magaly – I’m in love with the whole poem! We write from our scars; scars are our stars, tattooed on our skin, as you say:
    ‘tales of flesh
    warped living’.
    The phrase ‘where heartbreaks are wormholes’ is stunning – and you’ve made night a she!

  3. My goodness!❤ This is absolutely breathtaking Magaly! 😍 I love how you address pain and suffering in this poem and compare them to “experienced art”.. our scars are what make us beautiful and are living proof of our wisdom and strength. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt ❤

  4. Oh, Magaly, this leaves me breathless and holding pain I hadn’t realized I was carrying. This line, “heartbreaks are wormholes
    forever warning the night” and the last “experienced art-tales
    of flesh that survived the dark,
    dark, dark” especially make me gasp. The entire poem, the structure, the repetitiveness echoing the warning, and the acceptance and self-love of the art that was carved. Oh, my. Stunning and resonating deeply in my heart.

  5. Oh this touches me deeply…My precious older daughter is riddled with scars from so many surgeries. They are the art strokes of her survival. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this.

  6. Profound, beautiful and wonderful as always … and even more than usual.

    I am not sure you need to tell us more about why you value this book (though I look forward to your doing so). Anything called ‘Bald is Better with Earrings’ is clearly a treasure of both wisdom and insouciance, adding up to power.

    Love you, Magaly, and all you offer us here. The riches….

  7. I’ve never been comfortable with my many scars. My thoughts are with you, am totally amazed by your strength and courage. xoxox

    • I think society can make it quite hard for people to love their scars. It is a shame, really. Scars should be improvised body art that tells a story. But… they are what they are.

      Thank you for the thoughts. They are appreciated.

  8. Your visual art is nice, Magaly. Those visual scars do stand out, I have several of the literal variety. No comment on mine that are analogies. I’m at the age wishing I had lived as clean a life as my dad. He lived to be 97. No way I can do that.

    • You know, living “a clean life” is great, but it makes no promises. My grandma smoked a pipe, drank more coffee (and wine… even a some rum) than a college student during finals, pretty much lived on meat… and she live a century. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, stay active, eat “clean” and… well, here we are.

  9. I think your journey is a scary one, but after all when you think about it, “life,” can be scary. We continue and we don’t give up…until it is time.

    Thank goodness there is treatment for you, and I know you will be fine…I hear it spoken in the early morning, my soft kittnen tells me so, and the moon, which is the same moon you see, tells me everything is going to be OK. It is hard to know sometime, “why”…but perhaps that is not the question to ask. That old saying, “If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger.”

    “I’ll keep the light on for you! Funny this was an advertisement for a motel, but seems so right for you. The light of enlightenment, the light to light the way home, and the light of the stars that twinkle down on you.

  10. What Victoria Stuart said. YES!
    And YOU are the night goddess who scatters poems that bring all of us to our knees, happily. The night goddess that teaches us not to fear that dark, dark, dark and appreciate the art of scars, because the scars are light, light, light.

  11. I am a huge fan of creative poetry forms and this is one of my favorites! You have touched a very real place in my psyche as I have scars, many. External and internal.

  12. Scars tell that you have lived a life with many stories (and poems of course) itching to come out and account for your days. It is sad to think there are those whose stories are never told because they were never brave enough to put it in writing. Your unique style of poetry and presentation is quite a delight and inspiration to everyone.

  13. Lived art, indeed. Scatter poems each evening, and I will try to catch them. I admire you for your strength, attitude, and incredible talent. I just had a malignant skin cancer on my arm removed. When people ask me about the scar, I tell them it is a tattoo of my surgery. Keep the dance in your life.

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