Secondary Character Schizophrenia

What do the voices say?
Have they asked you to kill
cuties, to walk the storm
in your nightie, perhaps
to torture or just maim?

I don’t like the oily glint
twinkling in the doctor’s eye.
My characters aren’t violent
perverts, but this psychothe-
rapist, well he just—

Have they shown themselves
to you naked? Maybe preaching
of salvation, doing yoga poses
while writing Klingon?

No, I say to him. They want me
to write them, but not in Klingon.
They breathe ideas down my spine,
never ever, ever… stopping,
demanding their doings
on my page.

Do you ever bathe with them,
or let them slip under your sheets?
Have you danced the Macarena
while one of them spanks your—

No, I say. They always want
the same thing: story, story, story…
There is neither hanky nor spanky,
and haven’t you been listening?
They never sleep!

I could see the psycho-
therapist not believing my act.
It was one of those horrid days
when nothing but a story
would make him leave.
So I grabbed paper and pen
and storied his rambling
on this sheet.

Process Note: Schizophrenia isn’t funny at all. This disorder affects how a person feels, thinks, and acts. So why would anyone (as usual, by “anyone” I mean “me”) take symptoms as serious as hallucinations, paranoia, strange body positioning, nonsensical speaking and/or writing, extreme preoccupation with religion (just to name a few) and make fun of them? Well, I will offer the same answer I give to people who ask me why I make fun of my own chronic illnesses: if you can’t defeat them or kill them, you might as well laugh at them. It works for me.

written for Fictitious Afflictions Symptoms – Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month, 2016 (Day 8)

Edgar Allan Poe, by Pablo Bernasconi
“Edgar Allan Poe”, by Pablo Bernasconi

43 thoughts on “Secondary Character Schizophrenia”

  1. Now you KNOW I like this. Just the right amount of sex and blood and hints of more happening off in the shadows. “story, story, story…” indeed. Thank you for showing off your bits and wordy curves, Lady Magaly.

  2. Sounds like every conversation with junior lol…if I didn’t laugh I don’t know what I would do….gone way passed crying about it 😀 XXX

    • I’ve never really have a problem with my characters speaking their mind. All I wish is that I could write as quickly as they wish me to. Just imagine the books… (I just wrote “boobs” before editing it to “books”, lol!). 😀

  3. At least you’re talking about it! The avoidance, the not-wanting-to-know, the fear, the ignorance – you name it – that most people display in the face of mental/emotional disorders is horrific.

    Now do Borderline.

    • I think society has made it very difficult for people with mental illness, and individuals with non-cool chronic illness like HIV/AIDS… or like in my case, illnesses that involve a lot of dealings with feces and excretions that some people want to pretend don’t come out of their bodies. It makes no sense to me, and at times it gets me really upset at a world that makes it wrong (even obscene) for a person to be sick. As a world, we should be ashamed of that kind of attitude. But you know how it goes.

      I can only wonder how much better the world would be (especially for people living with the disorders/illnesses), if we could just say, “Hey, here is mine. It smells funny, but I’m cool with it. Would you show me yours?”

      You know what? I will give Borderline disorder a go one of these days… since I have a fantastic friend who would probably help me with the research. ♥ 🙂 ♥

  4. “I give to people who ask me why I make fun of my own chronic illnesses: if you can’t defeat them or kill them, you might as well laugh at them. It works for me.”

    And works for me too! Loved this one.

  5. I have wondered for years how many gifted and spiritual people are tucked away in hospitals or medicated into oblivion. What revelations and art works have we lost because we would not believe that their Muses and Spiritual Guides talk to them? Was Bedlam full of visionaries? Most assuredly. I am clairaudient, so I hear my Guides talking, or more often, laughing, at me! It was a fun piece!

    • If most of us spent some time listening to the voices in our heads, perhaps we would be a bit happier, and wouldn’t be as ready to barge into other people’s business. But the Muse is so often ignored… and an ignored Muse dies hungry. And that’s sad.

  6. I liked everything about this. I have a book called “The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases” which has short pieces by people like Neil gaiman, China Meeville, and Alan Moore and contains some fun and bizarre fake ailments.

    None of them were written as poetry, though, so this was a lot of fun.

    And the Poe picture is delightful.

  7. ROTFL – I’m not sure which makes me laugh harder – the fact that I’ve felt this way too while plotting out stories or that we both referenced the Macarena in response to the prompt.

  8. Iv’e actually saw a nude yoga posing dude speaking an alien language on the beach. Wow this poem is relative in many ways, and very punny indeed.

  9. Oh the vivid images you paint, “nude yoga poses, dancing Macarena under the sheets” downright hilarious! I really love the delicate yet sensual take to lighten up the challenges and demands of everyday life.

    And I totally agree with your, “Hey, here is mine. It smells funny, but I’m cool with it. Would you show me yours?” approach. Maybe that’s why I found the prompt difficult because I realised the signs of ‘somebodyism’ were staring back at me:). Thank you dear Magaly, you continue to inspire me.♥

    • There is a sense of liberation to be found every time we just show ourselves as we are, even if laced with humor and hyperbole.

      I’m glad you are enjoying yourself, Khaya. I am, too! ♥

  10. I actually love this, and completely agree, when you’re inflicted with pain or symptoms, it’s better to embrace them and laugh than worry and get angry. One of my beloved brothers has schitzophrenia, I know he’d love this, too ♥

    • My youngest living brother lives with the same affliction. He has his bad stretches, but he is happiest when around people who allow him to be who he is–a spirited young man full of wonder always trying to find its way out of him. This would probably give him a chuckle. 🙂

  11. Love that you and Tommy both inflicted the Macarena on us. Clearly you have multiple disorders going on. This is fabulous though, and darkly humorously spot-on.

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