Self Bloomed Rainbows

This holiday season, I am hosting flesh and bones bursting with unwanted guests. Mistress Nausea brought Sir Hurl. They arrived almost two weeks ago, accompanied by Lady Fever—an insufferable harlot who refuses to take three steps without her good-for-nothing boy toys, Dizziness and Fatigue.

And I can’t even think of throwing them out, since they are best friends with Mr. Pill, and he is the only one keeping Lord Crohn’s from puncturing my pipes and letting all sorts of crap leak who knows where. I haven’t been able to pretend that the undesirable horde is not constantly around. But most days, sipping tea and nibbling on pomegranate seeds dulls the effects of their visit a considerable bit.

When their presence gets so loud that it threatens to crack my skull, I sip on words and tell myself stories to quiet them out. Some days (nights?), I share the stories with you. And you add your bits to my bits… Our united bits say, “We aren’t alone in this. We are awesomely strong. And goodness, we are so freaking modest! In fact, our modesty can only be surpassed by our extreme hotness.”

So, there you have it, my Wicked Luvs: when my bones and gut hurt so much that I must squint to see my screen properly, I write things that make me grin. And I turn to friends who morph said grins into laughter. Then I wait for magic to happen… in the company of self bloomed rainbows.

“Bloom a Rainbow”

If winter blues
ever fray my edges,
I shall bloom
a rainbow…
and fill my-Self
with spring.

36 thoughts on “Self Bloomed Rainbows”

  1. Somehow you manage to take a tale of miseries and infuse it with a certain amount of whimsy! ♥ ♥ ♥ A care package will be on its way to you soon. It should have reached you ages ago… but I keep adding stuff. I’m gonna have to stop that and just post it! 😉

  2. I am picturing the rowdy crowd you described singing a rowdy drinking song, something along the lines of the one the dwarves sang when they invaded Bilbo Baggin’s home. Little do they know you get to sing the last verse that tosses them out.

  3. Your guests just don’t know when to stop visiting, do they? They give new meaning to the word ‘chronic’…. Once again, you will fight this battle and win out ( of course)… You’d think they would tire… Some folks are a glutton for punishment… ((HUGS)).. u show them, lady!

  4. I like that you named them, these insults to your health. Said names make it so much easier to curse them with colorful language individually! I hope with all my heart that these guys are only temporary and the pill becomes to do its job without their interference. <3

  5. “….can only be surpassed by our extreme hotness” made me laugh. You are irrepressible, and I am so glad. Hey I am sipping a mix of hot water, cinnamon and honey, said to be good for a number of ills. We shall see. I have been light-headed and dizzy too for a number of weeks, and not in a good way, so I sympathize.

  6. It is certainly a courage – to write poems when your body refuses to even do its daily functions and also aches.. Dear Magaly, I wish all these painful experiences go away ASAP!

    Sending healing energy and rainbow sunshine from India!


  7. Magalygirl, I hope you can soon bloom a rainbow and that your uninvited and unwanted “guests” (being polite here) pull a disappearing act. How rude of them to burden you with their presence. xo

  8. Love the art you made. Without art and color and stories I wonder how others do it? I guess all that matters is chronic pain and tummys are tough…tougher than most could ever imagine. You are a tough, courageous, beautiful, amazing woman! And that’s just a list that I first realized about you. And yet, I know from experience, tough & courageous girls need love & hugs too. Sending loving SOFT hugs your way!

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