She Bites

hey, Georgia,
did you paint this bloom?
it munched me!

I think good old Stetson has been sprouting flowery corpses in his garden again, perhaps to continue arguing Eliot’s bit about April been the cruellest. Well, I hope your April is perfect… that it only bites if you are into that. 😉

I shall link this silly bit to Poets United. Because April likes senryū. Really, she told me.

45 thoughts on “She Bites”

    • The things we learn while poetizing our hungry-looking blossoms. I had no idea Beyonce had been bitten. And on the face? Ouch!

      I’m sure Georgia would bite back. Heck, she would even bite first. 😀

  1. Well this is a good laugh and joke for April 1! It’s very tempting to put your finger where it shouldn’t be just to see what happens. Go on! Do it!

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