She Kissed Me Hotly on the Mouth

The story or poem that used to live here is being rewritten… or, is on its way to a new home. But worry not, I’d never leave you without something to read. Just click the following links, and you’ll be able to delight in the newest Stories and Poems I’ve published on this blog.

63 thoughts on “She Kissed Me Hotly on the Mouth”

  1. Sometimes a bit of innocent experimentation can lead to amazing things! LOL Your surprise and delight at discovering a new way of expression is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your words and thank you for inspiring us!

    • When I first read your comment, I didn’t get the joke. You see, I don’t listen to modern music… So I had no idea who Katy Perry was. I’m at least 25 years behind when it comes to music I like. So I did some research… and oh my freaking gods of plagiarism by ignorance! How peculiar (and embarrassing), huh? But like they say, all ideas have already been thought by someone… I better add her experimentation to my process note, too.

    • It was quite yummy, indeed! I hope you keep your blog active, Mary. Through poetry or through any other kind of writing (or sharing your photography!). It would just be nice to continue seeing you around the web in this capacity. 😉 ♥ 😉

  2. How can you not love poetry when you write like that!?! Lush and vibrant. I’m glad you untied Sanity. We don’t need her anymore, do we? And I love that you included TP’s candle! Congrats on a great month, Magaly.

    • We do not need her at all, it seems. I’m starting to wonder if what made me dislike poetry so much was the way teachers and professors trying to teach it to me… Who knows…

      So glad you like the Pratchett candle. It’s still burning!

  3. I like it too–and this one is maybe one of my very favorites–but I can’t play favorites because I love all your poem-children. Maybe some just a weeny bit more than others—shhhhh. Anyway, you are born to write, it’s tied not to the foot of your bed, but to your blood and bones, and whatever form it takes will be fruitful and unique–still, I could never tell from what I’ve read here this month, that you *ever* hated poetry, or indeed, that you ever wrote anything else. ;_) Thanks for all the support this month, and the oh-so-writable challenges.

    • I understand those “weeny bit more than others” feelings attached to things we like. It’s how I feel about poetry and fiction (shhhhh!). But thank goodness, the more I write, the more similarities I find between the two… at the core.

      This month was a blast because of the poetry and because of the people writing it. We are lucky… ♥

  4. This was a huge and glorious undertaking that brought together a lot of people to share their words. I think the whole thing was magnificent and you, you shining star, steered and guided it. I’m so glad it cracked Poetry’s tough outer shell for you, and let you into the yumminess inside.

  5. Your opening line is so perfect, I love the progression of the story in this poem and am astounded to read in your process notes that you disliked poetry – because you write it fabulously!!!!!! So glad Poesy kissed you and you liked it. We are all the richer for it.

  6. Kiss and tell! I’d say the month seduced you. In the mouth. Poetry has some archaic conventions (“Poesy,” “Inspiration”), but its green lust springs eternal. Thanks for all the great work you did in April–may it fount the year!

  7. What an amazing poem to end off your April extravaganza! I have so enjoyed the opportunity to follow your work this month.

  8. Haha re: Katy Perry! 🙂
    I like the fingers in the plot, mixing that shit up. Excellent.
    Hey congrats, Magaly on your April triumphs! Yay!

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