She, Loneliest of All Skanks…

eternally wailing…
for company
that will never come.

running to her side…
blinded back, bloodied
by curled bladed lips.

A giant finger shushed
what lies behind the sun…
never forever;

when burned flesh and nail
exposes the finger sham,
Misery—loneliest of all skanks—
uncurls trembling lips…
and continues wailing
for companions
she knows
her blade has bled dried.

A Wee Note: this poem is an open window, an undeserved second chance. Someone made a nasty blunder fed by self-loathing, I think… or malice. I hope she fixes things.

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“Frankly, Frida Didn’t Give a Damn Either”, by SunshineShelle“Frankly, Frida Didn’t Give a Damn Either”, by SunshineShelle

47 thoughts on “She, Loneliest of All Skanks…”

  1. Magaly, first off, thanks for visiting and commenting. So nice to know we are attuned…

    OK, the title is brilliant. The use of “skank” in that context, ha ha ha ha, yes! As far as the situation that gave rise to this poem, I am so sorry. I have been in your shoes; I have also been in the role of person who hurt another and had to make amends. Bernie Taupin wrote, “Sorry seems to be the hardest word…” and damn if he wasn’t right, huh? Liked your assigning a gender to Misery, too. The pic of Frida as Scarlett is only a bonus! Amy

    • I always enjoy your words–they never fail to be full fist-shaking-fun and/or motifs that should not be ignored.

      And for this one, I’m hoping that the person is truly sorry. What she did could really have hurt me. And I’m not even talking about feelings–she could have really hurt my livelihood… I shall explain in a few days.

  2. Well, normally I try to dissociate a poem from a backstory but hell, woman, I’m all neighbour-over-the-garden-fence-eager to know what happened here.

    Apart from that, freaking awesome imagery and Shelle…that is one spectacularly wonderful picture.

    • I rarely publish these kind of poem, they are often the pieces that populate my journal or random pieces of what I call venting paper. But I was so upset yesterday, that my publishing finger just ran away with me. Everybody has a publishing finger, right?

      And worry not, an explanation will follow. I get a bit annoyed when people’s hints leave me all hot and bother, so I wouldn’t do it to another. 😉

  3. I’m sorry this person used and abused you in her misery. Some people deserve second chances, some don’t. It’s a wise woman who can tell the difference.

    And yes, love that picture – and the title!

    • This person almost took away a really good job opportunity. And all because she was upset (at who knows who!). Thank goodness I heard about it in time. Anyhoo, I’m still waiting for her to open her mouth and say something about it. I know we can say terrible things when we are angry (everybody has done it, me included). If she doesn’t speak up, then she might lose a lot more than a person willing to listen to her and help her when she needs help.

  4. Sunshineshelle’s picture is epic! Love it!

    As for the other, yeah sometimes it’s sadly predictable that some folks will deal with their internal pain by lashing out at others. The blow might soothe themselves for a little while, but it does nothing to address the root cause, which gets fed by such outbursts and can grow like a cancer. Here’s to hoping the person in question gets enough self awareness to deal with their own crap instead of flinging poo at others.

    • Isn’t that a glorious image? And if you follow the link, you can read Shelle’s description of the piece. Wonderful.

      As for your response to the other (see? I’m a phrase thief), I’m still waiting this person pull herself out of the doo-doo.

  5. As usual, your poetry is something that I’ll have to reread probably a few more times before I can really take it in. At the moment all I can see is that the words are beautiful.

    I hope the person in question rethinks whatever she did.

  6. Oh, my god! This is perfect! It touched something that happened to me a few months ago that left me inconsolable for 2 days and a night and, I still feel bloodied and wounded. After 48 years of being being cut by her “curled bladed lips”, I walked away from any obligation to succor her. I am printing this out and framing it for your last stanza has her nailed to a tee! Brilliant, hurting words! But, man, what a way to heal!
    Shelle, Frida as Scarlett! Freaking awesome!

    • This was a very old friendship, too. Not as long as yours, but I was always there for her because we experienced many things together. I thought that meant something, but… you can probably imagine the rest.

      And yes, as always, Shelle’s art rocks!

  7. You know I feel this poem. I ditched a sister because of that kind of wining pathetic behaviour. Slagged me off in public then an crying to everyone who would listen about how she thought I would come running to apologise for upsetting her! She blocked me before I could respond. Still hasn’t apologised to me and still tells EVERYONE how much she loves and misses me. Gah! Some people just aren’t worth the energy XXX

    • Goodness, I had forgotten about that! Ms. Misery tried to do almost the same thing. I got lucky, and people don’t believe her… Like in your case, she still hasn’t apologized. According to friends in common, she is feeling sorry… but I’m having a bit of problem believing that.

      I’m moving into this “just isn’t worth my time or energy” territory.

  8. Embrace the Frida/Scarlett… don’t let the bastards get you down Ms Wicked 😉 Love ya & thinking that person is like BIGGEST (get the obvious/subtle size reference hehe) skank and it really has nothing to do with 15 pounds (yes I read the next post first)… now excuse me I’m off to find my f-ing muse xox

  9. Magaly, I don’t know the story behind this poem; but I do sense from the words of the poem that it was a painful one. I do hope that she apologizes & that your friendship is able to remain intact.

  10. This is powerful stuff. Often a person ends up deceiving us in the worst way possible. Hope that things work out and that she apologizes soon.

    Lots of love,

  11. I can feel your pain as I have walked this path before..just a word of caution make sure the apology is sincere. On an added note it is easier to forgive than to forget..sometimes pain lingers with us. I hope this works out for you.

  12. lol – the title made me smile.

    some incidents, even the ugly ones, can inspire us to write a powerful piece.

    hope you are fine and hope she learned her lessons

  13. It is a pity some people may just want to be nasty. The trick is ‘avoidance’. If one is not there they should not want to just talk to walls.If far away then just ignore without comments. It works most times, Magaly!


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