She’s Cute, Creepy and Completely in Love with Herself

When I shared the first “Camp Cute, Creepy (and quite conveniently) Remote” story, a reader suggested that pointing out that Drusilla, the main character, had no arms or legs, “and worse, making her disability into a joke was insensitive” of me.

A few days ago, I announced on Facebook that I had revised Drusilla’s stories and planned to republish them on the days preceding Holly’s Vampire’s Day Soirée. The same reader told me she was “very happy to find out [I] had listened to [her] and rewrote the Camp stories.”

I was confused at first. Then, I remembered the conversation… and felt even more puzzled—I revised the web serial to standardize the format and to fill in some plot holes, not to change the content. Drusilla’s story is all about her being delighted with what and who she is and feeling annoyed (even livid) towards anyone who wishes to change her.

The writing never makes fun of Drusilla’s body. As of right now, the word “disabled” hasn’t been used in “Camp Cute, Creepy (and quite conveniently) Remote”. Our Drusilla is different, not broken. I don’t think she wants people to walk around pretending that they don’t notice that she’s armless and legless. In fact, I’m certain the real insensitivity lies in not seeing her and appreciating her exactly as she is—cute, creepy and completely in love with herself.

Anyhoo, the rewritten Drusilla stories will start going live on Wednesday, at midnight Eastern Standard Time, so you will have the chance to judge for yourself. I will post one tale every day, from February 8th to February 14th, except the 13th.

Your thoughts, my Wicked Luvs?

Drusilla Amarantha Tepes, the Only
(stitched to life by Emma Yardis, mistress of Groovy Gothic)

29 thoughts on “She’s Cute, Creepy and Completely in Love with Herself

  1. Absolutely agree. There’s no such thing as “colorblind” and there no such thing as ability-blind. We need stories that cebraye all kinds of bodies and minds. And I never saw your stories as making her body into a joke? Plus I read them metaphorically too – so basically what I’m saying is I love that character and I’m quite confused by that reaction…

    • Every time I hear someone say that they see no color or race, I want to slap some sense into them. I wonder if they realize how ridiculous (and infuriating) that sounds–how can you look at a person without seeing all the exposed bits? Like my Piano Man says, “I understand not judging anyone for how they look”, where they come from and things of the sort, but to pretend we don’t see differences is just silly. And annoying.

  2. I am glad you are leaving Drusilla as she is. I may have legs…that doesn’t mean they always work, I may have arms & hands…that doesn’t mean they always work…I may have scars yet my insides rarely work. So I LOVE LOVE LOVE when a person/character can be themselves and LOVE themselves exactly as they are. I believe the first introduction Drusilla made was about making people happy. Am I right? She found a way to her means very well, like most of us whether we are whole physically/mentally or not. I am lucky to have limbs that people can see here in this world. My heart hurts for those who do not. Drusilla loves herself…how many of us can say that?

    Dearest Magaly, if my comment would add “insult to injury” feel free to delete it. If it’s not fitting your post, please delete it. There are times when I can read yet my brain can’t comprehend…Hugz Rasz

    • Your comment reflects my feelings about my own mangled bits and about how I feel when it comes to this situation as a whole. I think that most people who don’t fit what society says is “normal” feel like we do. I don’t want anyone to pretend that I don’t limp when I walk, or that I don’t have to go to the bathroom too many times a day to count, or that there are tons of things I can’t do… If they do, they fail to see me. And that, my sweet Robin, is the insult to all of us.

  3. When you have something like a disability or a chronic condition like pain, many able bodied look upon it as something bad, sad and something to be pitied and never something that should be joked or written about unless it’s in the ‘inspirational way’ we’re encourage by nearly everyone, even care givers, to be upbeat and positive. I admit some days I don’t feel like being up beat and positive, some days I’m just mad as hell with what ever is hurting because it’s stopping me doing something I want to do. I’m not here to be a role model for anyone.

    The majority of those with such things just do our best to get on with it, because we simply don’t have a choice, we are who we are, not special, not needing pity, what we need is understanding and acceptance to accept us how we are. If we smile it’s not because we are being brave it’s very likely to be because we are happy or amused, you know just like everyone else is when they smile. Some of us can be royal pains in the butt because we’re as grumpy as hell, yes occasionally that’s to do with illness but then some of us were always grumpy old bats even before we became ill. Oh and we can be wicked and bad, we can make jokes about such things as pain, such things are not taboo, our conditions don’t come with ready made halo’s. We are not just our disabilities, the disabilities are part of us and we deal with them in each of our individual ways. The key word there is individual.

    Drusilla is this person, she is not about disability she is about being creepy but cute, scary but fun, she won’t be put in a box and made to fit in to others ideas of who she is just because of how she looks. Besides she’s look dead weird with a halo on.

    • Exactly! We are fully human–with the ability to bit fun, mean, angry as hell, annoyed, annoying and deliciously weird (without a halo). To deny Drusilla, or anyone, that right is just wrong.

  4. I think you are right, people want to be accepted as they are, whatever their situation, not considered less than or lacking. I look forward to the series. I will not have internet for some of the days, but will catch up once I do.

  5. Welllll… let’s ignore unique ‘abilities’ that make us who we are, and make everyone bland, beige, boring but totally PC (of the day) in all written, spoken words, as a matter of fact, I think ‘acceptance’ means you should make people be the same as you, or pretend they are, or ignore them, or expel them right(?) we don’t want different people around here (she whispers into the writers ear then laughs manically)… 😉

  6. In a perfect world we all should accept those for what they have vs not what they don’t. Gotta look pass the outside to get to what’s truly important

    • And that’s the thing, our world is not perfect. Only mad, delusional people expect that. The outside and the inside are all part of the whole. If we don’t look it all, we might end up missing everything.

  7. Your reader knows Drusilla is a OAK Doll right???…and that your story was inspired by said doll…not other way round. I love unique…especially limbless uniquity 😀 XXX

  8. I love Drusilla!! She is creepy cute!! The power is loving ourselves for who we are! Not trying to “change” for people or “hide”! You rock Magaly and so does Drusilla! Big Hugs! 🙂

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