Shivers and Wants

She told us that “it may be time for some goodbyes—some important part of [our]selves may have to be left behind in 2017 or perhaps there is cause for a pruning of old, dead weight to make way for new growth and opportunities which lie ahead. Very few of us can say goodbye without regret or some measure of pain…” Kerry is quite correct, methinks. So, when she asked for poems that fed on these ideas, I wrote a tanka (inspired by a story I’m working on):

“Shivers and Wants” 

When your voice is on my spine, logic becomes a storm of shivers and wants. But storms aren’t a good home for love. And lust feeds no one forever.

I’ll ready my heart
for winter, I’ll cleanse my mind—
thinking of you hurts.
My pen still scribbles your name,
but we’ll learn to write goodbye.

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67 thoughts on “Shivers and Wants”

  1. Lust can make dupes of us all. Who doesn’t know someone who has made some silly decision or another when under its throes? Fortunately, it seems the protagonist is aware of the strength of this affliction and has strength enough inside herself to know when it’s time to move on.

  2. Magaly, I don’t think you know how often your words have touched me at just the right time – you write what I need to read. These brief lines hold a world of wisdom. Thank you for sharing your message, and your artistic presentation of words.

  3. I felty these words in my backbone, Magaly: ‘When your voice is on my spine, logic becomes a storm of shivers and wants’.
    I love the resolve in ‘I’ll ready my heart
    for winter, I’ll cleanse my mind’
    and feel the pain in
    ‘My pen still scribbles your name,
    but we’ll learn to write goodbye’.
    Tears are prickling…

  4. O Magaly! That first line–and I say this very seldom–is one I wish I could have written, and the remainder is so bittersweet and true, chewed to the bones of love. So many goodbyes, yet the things we really wish would leave haunt us anyway…an amazing, lucid, feeling 55, which could not possibly kick more ass, on any day of the week.

  5. The non-lasting of lust is perfect… it’s like burning, it cannot go on forever… the ties to the winter is marvelous.

  6. Lust is perhaps the strongest and most dangerous emotion there is, for it messes with the head and preys most heartily upon the unconscious heart. I love the tenderness of those last lines, because there is hidden resolve and strength in her learning to write goodbye. Beautifully penned.

    • Thanks so much, Sanaa. And I’m right with you. Lust and infatuation can be killers for all involved. Love might not be too patient or completely unselfish, but lust is always in search of satisfaction, and most often willing to do whatever it takes in order to get what it wants. Dangerous, indeed.

  7. thinking of you hurts.
    My pen still scribbles your name,
    but we’ll learn to write goodbye

    When things appear to be ending, it is best to fade away from each other as friends!


  8. Goodbyes can be the birth to many new wonders! Magaly, I have done such growth, I can’t even explain the place I am at now. I look at things in such a different matter. We all have our paths to walk. I can honestly say, that I think everything is here to help us, even if there is pain. Regret no, I wouldn’t want anyone to regret anything. Everything in our lives, put us to the next step. We have to shine and put love forth, starting with ourselves first!
    Your writing is beautiful in every way!!!
    Sending you much Love! Big Hugs 🙂

    • Whenever someone tells me what I would tell to my younger self, if I had a chance, I always say the same thing: “Enjoy now. Tomorrow will be all right.” I would probably also tell myself something to help me win the lottery, but “Things will be fine” will probably go on the top of my list.

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