Silenced Fires

The story or poem that used to live here is being rewritten… or, is on its way to a new home. But worry not, I’d never leave you without something to read. Just click the following links, and you’ll be able to delight in the newest Stories and Poems I’ve published on this blog.

43 thoughts on “Silenced Fires”

  1. This is the heart of Japanese style with the patented Magaly-style kiss. The colors and feeling of the delight of summer are all there. And so is the melancholy of autumn there, even while admiring it’s beauty.

  2. “I wait… for her fingers to spell my wilds real.” My experience–we never sing alone, and when one earth/voice/season fades, it is a cross fade and we’re not quite reading the new wilds yet.

  3. I love your haibun, Magaly, especially: ‘I fill her head and hips with burning tales, and I wait… for her fingers to spell my wilds real’; ‘the chill chants of change’; and the autumn tanka.

  4. Exquisite! Blissful…a gorgeous-riveting read for my hungry soul! Deep thanks for spinning up my world with your magical poetry!!

    I am catching up on your posts( with my tea in hand!) and feasting on more of your beautiful works….wowness…deep thanks for the beauty you share..and are!
    have a magical night

  5. This writing familiar, this muse, a penumbra between witchy night and dark words, infilling & inflaming, never captured or fully explained: Tend to her carefully and with abandon!

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