Soft Parts Exposed

Sharp wiry fingers
reached under my Muse’s skirt.
They ripped and tore
bloody chunks of words;
left her screaming,

I was rage-shocked.

The rage metamorphosed into hurt
that forced me onto my back;
limbs flailing,
my soft parts exposed…


for the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads’ weird platform

by SunshineShelle

“Tears of Blood”, by SunshineShelle

57 thoughts on “Soft Parts Exposed

  1. Whew. Sometimes it feels that there is no difference between physical and mental violation. I felt similarly when a thief merely broke into my apartment long ago. The only thing small enough to steal was my wedding ring, which I wasn’t using anymore. But all the drawers were spilled out and everything was touched. The pain would have doubled if my creative work was taken and trippled if it was my body that was violated.

  2. I love Debra’s thought of your muse and you fighting back with this brilliant peice, ‘take that’, someone violated that doesn’t hide, isn’t shamed by another’s foul, immoral attack, but stands and exposes the spineless theft, points the finger, and shines the light on those that scurry and try to hide in darkness.

  3. At first, Magaly, by the title I thought this would be sensuous and tender. But not, of course. I don’t understand the Blog violator references here but

    I do agree with Susan, it is a horrible experience having ones safe home broken into and violated. I too was burglarized one time. All I could think of was the about the perpetrator, he must be a heinous person who I probably don’t know.

    • Jim, a few weeks ago, I found out that someone stole 183 of my posts. They took fiction, poetry and stories about my life and published them as their own. I haven’t been able to do much about it, other than a bit of damage control…

      When I was 8 or so, we were visiting my aunt for the Winter holidays. While we were gone, someone stole our pots, pans, silverware, stove burners (copper)… We were really poor, so the blow was double strong. In our case, we were sure it was someone we knew… since we lived a village of fewer than 50 people.

      I will never understand why certain people behave the way they do…

  4. I randomly stumbled upon one of my quote frames on Pinterest yesterday… with my name photoshopped out of it. I felt a surge of heat rush into my face. I thought of you. ❤

    The poem is incredible! Shelle’s work is gorgeous (a different style than I’ve seen her do before).

    • I was just telling Rommy that, yesterday. That every time I have to do something in order to salvage some of what was stolen, I get upset again because I have to think about what happen. I hope you don’t see more things that have been taken from you.

      If you haven’t yet, must look at Shelle’s latest post; her name is linked to it under the image. It’s a feast of style. My dear Shelle is so very gifted!

    • It would probably sound like the first few poems I wrote (not publishable, lol) right around the time when I discovered the theft. I swear they were just curse word after curse word–I needed the therapy.

  5. I know by now that all this thieving is going on out there, so I tell myself just to accept what I cannot change and keep moving forward, but… I still get that flush of anger when I’m confronted by it. And not just my stuff. I feel that sense of violation when I see anyone’s work being plagiarized. 🙁 *sigh*

    I’ve just checked out Shelle’s blog. I had already seen her first face, but she’s posted a bunch more arty goodness in the meantime. 🙂 Love the little girl with the wee ghostly face peeping over her shoulder. (That’s what it looks like to me, anyway. 😉 )

    The little bat just arrived in the mail. I’m having a hectic week but I’ll try and get a few photos to you on the weekend. 🙂

    • Knowing that it happens and that so many people don’t think they are doing something wrong doesn’t make things any better, does it? We just need to move forward–perhaps rant and shake our fists if it happens again, and keep on moving.

      I thought it was a little ghost, too. I also like the craze-looking red skull.

      Yay! for new bats.

  6. Magaly, I didn’t know the story behind this. I am aghast at people who lack conscience, who take and take and… well, your rape metaphor is appropriate. How awful, like trying to steal your very soul… as if THAT could happen, but still, stealing your words, your work, what a shit of a person! The fact that you did NOT swear in this post is a testament to your artistry, frankly. I don’t think I can offer you anything but my support, always. This blew my mind in all ways possible. You take care, my friend. Amy

    • I think the shock and the rage are ebbing. There was much cursing in writings that came before this one (but I’m saving those for the hungry box that shares with no one; those bastards do not deserve my chaos).

      Your support is much appreciated. ♥

    • I was so angry the fist day, and the fifth, and a week later *sigh* that I wanted to break things. Sometimes those feelings return even now; especially when I’m working on something, which is a direct result of the damn thing. In those moments “poetic justice” is the only source of relief. Any other kind of justice for this particular occurrence would be just TV dreams. And that, my friends, totally sucks.

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