Speak to Your Affliction

Sometimes, we just want to scream at something (or someone) that drives us insane. Perhaps, we want to have some stern words with the pimple that always appears when least wanted, or with the person who parks in front of our driveway on the day we need to leave the house in hurry, or with the physical pain that insists on hurting more intensely on the morning when we must look sharp and fresh for a job interview. Well, my Wicked Luvs, let’s let them have it.

For day 26 of NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015, Metaphorically sit in front of the thing (or person) that ails you, and let your poem tell it (him or her) exactly what’s in your mind.


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19 thoughts on “Speak to Your Affliction”

  1. At my usual: Look, this isn’t working. I realize that you exist to protect me, but all you do is scare the crap out of me, make me feel like shit about myself, and keep me from succeeding in basically every life-situation I encounter. We need a better strategy.

    At my angriest: You, yes you. Roughly 2 billion of you, at a pulled-right-out-of-my-ass guestimate. Lying, abusing, oppressing, hating, hitting, ignoring, scheming, hurting, kicking, raping, killing, torturing – but most of all not-lifting-a-finger-to-help-this-earth-or-anyone, except yourself and your screaming, sadistic, leeching, entitled offspring. I am talking to you. Get the fuck off this planet. Or as Ripley would say; “We take off and nuke them all from space. It’s the only way to make sure.”

    At my lowest: You, yeah you. Hateful, self-depricating, terrified, gloomy, hopeless voice. SHUT UP.

    • So much emotion… But I guess that it can’t be any other way. Pain is emotion that bleeds… Your “usual”, “angriest” and “lowest” are so vivid that I’m almost tempted to put them in a story… talking to each other… and the to the pain. So much emotion…

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