Spelling Wishes

The world weeps, screams, points fingers, tells of heartfelt love without showing much… My flesh and bones and the soft bits inside my skull are relaxing the ill hold they’ve kept around my health’s throat for three turns of The Wheel… I’m grateful and cautious and often I want not to breathe the human stench. But I watch and see and hope… and I wish.

I wish for better for you and for me and for all of us to give better than we get. My wishes go macro: a clean Gaia, chiefs with hearts and brains and uncommon sense, less blaming and more good… I also wish wee wishes… tiny bits just for me: stronger flesh and bones and eyeballs, an unremarkable gut, fewer pains, years and years and years for storytelling and living… long summer days under a mango tree.

today, Gaia wails
a Witch spells healing wishes—
hope and magic live

Long(ish) Process Note: I was not supposed to write poetry today. In fact, I sat down to craft an entry in which I shared my blogging schedule with you (Sun – expanding Wee Bits; Tue – poem or tale, depending on the “Wee Bits” voting results; Thu – posts about Writing and Witchy Living; Sat – rereading my Pratchett).

As you can see, I had a simple, clear-cut plan… But we all know that plans (and life) are never clear or simple or all that easy to stick to (particularly when it comes to blogging and moi *cough*). So when Corey, over at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, asked us “to reflect on the right now and here” and to use that to write a poem about our “heart’s desire”, I didn’t even try to resist.

Love, by MagicLoveCrow“Love”, by MagicLoveCrow

51 thoughts on “Spelling Wishes

  1. Beautifully expressed! May your wishes come true – writing, blogging schedules and all.

    You want must have sent your ‘spelling wish’ my way, because I woke up to a snowing morning today, after complaining last night on Instagram that it’s dark and wet here:-). Yay! snow at last.

    Have a stunning weekend!

  2. Perfect. I know I should write more, but I nodded, pondered, & went with every wish, agreed, really think hope & magic live within those words & if more people agree, well the world (& you) would be in less pain. Stacy’s painting seals the deal… Perfect.

  3. May all your wishes fly into fulfillment! It seems like the pain of the world is being echoed into our very bodies, leaving us thrashed and bleeding on the floor from heart wounds. Maybe if we all wished together and then made our own little corner kinder, we could change the energy that surrounds us. I am glad you ignored your schedule to breathe each and every one of your wishes into being! <3

  4. This is so perfect, Magaly. Really, I just don’t know another word to use. You have written a letter to the world from your heart to its heart, and every word is full of simplicity and truth. I especially like the little turns of phrase that are melted into the mix, like how the mass of us too often ‘tells of heartfelt love without showing much… ‘ and wanting not to breathe the human stench, which can stifle us at times–an excellent haibun which I loved, and like Sharon, I hope all your wishes come true, at least in your place of heart’s home and desire.

  5. I wish for better for you and for me and for all of us to give better than we get.

    Isn’t there billboard space available around the world, so we can spread the word?

  6. The wishes you wish are for everyone, I wonder how hard it could ever be to fulfill… How difficult can it ever be to get a better world so we could wish for those little things for ourselves… Wonderful haibun

  7. I love the attitude that comes through in every piece you write. And i’m not talking about “damn bitch, you have an attitude”..lol, Im talking about a set feeling, a known vibe, a crisp communication of you, the colors red and black…all of these things and dozens more that mark you as a writer. There are very few writers who have a thing, a discernible schtick, a comfortable place to cuddle up because you know its gonna be good. You are definitely one of them. I’m glad this prodded you into a little writing. Great stuff.

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