Spilling My Guts

I had a rather delicious exchange with Sherry Blue Sky, one of my favorite wild women poets. The interview is now live, over at Poets United; and it shares yummy bits about my home and loves, about my very first short story, about three of my favorite poems, about my ever-growing love for words. Fly over to Poets United, my Wicked Luvs, I think you might enjoy yourself. 😉


I love words,
words that tell tales,
that sing poetry and speak
truth. I will handfast pen and paper,
and we’ll birth ideas day after day.
I just love words!

I Love Words

19 thoughts on “Spilling My Guts”

  1. One of these days I really must meet Sherry. We went to different schools together, share lots of memories of our home town, but have never met.
    I’ll just have to get myself over to The Island next time I’m in British Columbia.

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