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  1. You certainly have created great synergistic relationships with both Shelle and Gina. I hope this partnership continued and thrives because we reap the benefits!

  2. I understand the impulse here–it feels a little ironic with the recent events–agh! I know, unrelated, but hard for me to see the pic with the gun somehow. What a crazy world! Leia’s hair was definitely unrivaled and that is a super charming detail. k.

  3. I love it when you pair your work with other artists ‘s. It seems to have a deeper effect that way, I think, like I connect to your work in more ways than one. I am glad you are done with your operation and you are feeling better. Sending you “iron ” wishes, a Greek version of get well, that has to do with strength and so it seemed appropriate!

  4. Kahlo was an indomitable woman, and never more so than in her devastating personal honesty–her art can be grim, but never shrinks, never lies or sugar-coats–yet there is that spirit you capture here of grace under fire, of never giving in or losing her true self. And of unique beauty. Wonderful ‘expanded bit,’ and a perfect 55. Thanks for participating, dear Magaly.

  5. This is the season of strong kick-ass women on TV & in cinema. Nice to witness the residuals within the group of women you run with. The core, heart, soul, backbone of what has been misrepresented as the weaker sex has always fascinated me. Places in the world that still endeavor to hold women back, & under male-dominated parameters (i.e.: the Middle East in places) anger me.

  6. This reminds me of college during the Women’s Movement. Although I learned a great deal in those classrooms, I believe I learned far more outside of them, especially at the Women’s Center,


    • Our Little Princess has been reading biographies for school. Some days ago she was telling me all about Frida Kahlo, while she played a Star Wars video game. I was very happy to hear that she used some of the same adjectives to describe Kahlo and Princess Leia…

    • That would be wonderful to know, indeed. I, for instance, never knew of Princess Leia until after I was an adult. But having been sick since I was very young, Frida Kahlo was someone I look up to. I was introduced to her story by a librarian… and I remember always thinking, if Frida could paint like that and be so independent when she could barely move, respiratory problems and a glorified skin rash won’t stop me. All right, maybe I didn’t think in those specific words, but I felt it. 🙂

  7. I know I came via this Wicked post before… perhaps I did not think of something kick arse to say then… and so like a boomerang I return… not wielding weapons or brushes but in peace 🙂 I love all these comments, I ADORE ‘STRONG’ I am so happy your words & my femo Frankensteinesque wee art are virtually now supa-glued in this reality 🙂 on this post 🙂 Must tell you, Memphis was 4 years old when she went to Kindy on ‘book day’ as Luke Skywalker, (the creative Force is still strong with that one haha) and amongst the beautiful Disney princesses, bat & spidermen she held up a light saber and explained about a galaxy far far away… where princesses with buns & guns saved planets & men had giant dogs… haha… not sure why she choose Luke rather than Leia, methinks like her mother she likes boots 🙂

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