Sweet and Dark Pleasures Should Be Shared

Most flowers save their delights for Spring. Not my Montauk daisy. She enjoys blooming for Autumn. Either that, or she prefers to flourish whenever Nature’s skirts go from greens to golds to crimsons… towards the arms of Winter’s dark.

Last week, I wrote about screams that meant nothing and of lovers who know ink. There was pleasure and chocolate and poetry… on Instagram (I brought it here, in case you missed it—sweet and dark pleasures should be shared with all). 😉

Pleasure is dark
and you,
whispering poetry
on my spine.

Speaking of sharing and of sweetness and of friends with spines…

Emma, mistress of Groovy Gothic, sent me a raven, a hammer, a blade, some dark words a red death. Yep, I’ve been grinning like the happiest of maniacs.

Stacy, from Magic Love Crow, blessed me with a murder of crows to stick with… I’ve stared at them for days, trying to figure out what surface deserves this beauty.

Then, when I thought my grin couldn’t get any bigger, Ms Misantropia presented me with a silver hammer that proved me completely wrong. My grin has grown to nearly violent proportions.

Emma, Stacy, and Katarina, you rocketh my October very mucho *wild giggles*. Thank you so much. I’ll treasure your gifts… always.

I’ve been doing wild things with words in them. What have you been up to?

27 thoughts on “Sweet and Dark Pleasures Should Be Shared”

  1. Ha! Crows and hammers! There seems to be a bit of a pattern forming in all these gifts. So glad your package arrived safely. Slowly, but safely! 😉 😀 ❤

    Stacy’s murder of crows is just beautiful! And that hammer from Katarina… wow!!!

    • Words written in whispers have the most glorious of effects on spines, don’t they?

      My ritual hammer is… enormous. But I have a small collection of tiny ones, which I set around me when I’m writing certain stories. My favorite one is a very plane silver one.

  2. Gorgeous photo, your daisy is a little goth at heart! Such a beautiful soul!
    wowness..your poem is incredible, decadent and deeply beautiful! your words always stir me deep !
    What a treasure trove of delights..love-love-love all of your wonderful gifts and gems and art from these amazing-talented- souls. Enjoy! wow..that is one fabulous hammer!
    have a magical night

  3. Eeeee!!❤️ Those gifts are absolutely breathtaking 😀 I adore that Montauk daisy and can’t help but stare in awe 😀 such a beautiful, beautiful capture Magaly!❤️

    Well… it has been one hell of a month so far, aside from writing poetry, I have managed to make new friends in this country 🙂 and to remain in touch with old ones. I am eagerly awaiting October heart-bits blog party❤️ and looking forward to reading everyone’s responses. I can’t wait for you to read mine! *wink*

    Oh and I have just been invited to join in Rage against the Machine month by Sreejit over at the Seeker’s Dungeon. He has asked me to spread word and to cordially invite the Toads! 🐸 Let me know if you want more details 😉

    Mmm.. and as always.. keep writing delicious fiction and poetry 😀 Love you!❤️

  4. So many awesome goodies!
    I love all of Stacy’s artwork! omg, that lady is so very talented.
    That little crow from Emma is adorable and eye catching.. I’ve seen it’s little face here and there..facebook pictures..maybe instagram?
    Just love all the fun stuff you have received:)

    • My house is full of Stacy’s work. I’m as crazy about her art as you are *hehehe*. You’ve probably seen Emma’s raven on both Facebook and Instagram–she has created a whole murder of them. 😀

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