Doing It Alone Is Quite Yummy, But…

…some pleasures can be multiplied, if we enjoy them with others. I mean, really, if 2 heads are better than 1, can you imagine the sort of yumminess 4 hands can write into the mix? Exactly. A whole lot.

Those were the thoughts going through my lovely skull, as I stared at my notes on AlmaMia Cienfuegos (yes, I’ve been reshaping the stories into a novel), and contemplating that doing it alone isn’t always all that yummy. I just love doing it with other people… and in public, if we can manage it.

For this reason, my dear Rommy (and you, if you care to jump in), I invite you to blog about what you are doing with your art. If yes, let’s do it every Wednesday… for a year. What say you?

If you choose to accept this weekly challenge, tell me in the comments.

P.S. You don’t have to be a writer to jump into this bed and join the fun. All you need is a blog, and the desire to share a random lived-bit (or 3).


Blue Nude, by Shelle Kennedy
(the first time I saw these paintings, I thought, Hm, cool thinking poses.)


Be Terribly Good in My Story, or fall

He’s witty, attractive, energetic, and just the right amount of insane. When we first met, somewhere between “Becoming Sweettooth” and “The Darker Fringes”, I was certain that my story couldn’t happen without him.

Alas (don’t you just love saying “alas” aloud and then sighing?). Anyhoo, I was wrong…

…still, letting him go pains me deeply.

He is quite the wonder at the (not always appreciated) art of torturing others while grinning sweetly. But not terribly useful in the tale that birthed him. And goodness knows that no story can survive the effects of a useless character (regardless of how gifted said character might be at making others scream in ear-catching ways).

I am going to put him (and his, um… tools) in a virtual box. Nicely locked. Mayhap, one day, I’ll think up a dark, bloody (and properly maniacal) love story just for him.

see the complete blackout here