Expanding Wee Bits of Dark Fiction and Poetry, 7 (and a Winter Giveaway)

It seems like every time I write one of these posts, I start with: “Two weeks have gone by since…” I can take a hint, my Wicked Luvs… so I will go ahead and make Expanding Wee Bits of Dark Fiction and Poetry a bimonthly feature. At least until I (or Fate) change my mind… again.

I really enjoyed writing “The Darker Fringes”. The Muse and I take pleasure in taking a wee bit poem of your choosing and expanding it into more. I’ve listed nine of the Poetic Bits I’ve shared on Instagram or Facebook this last couple of weeks. Leave a comment letting me know which Bit you would like to see grow into a story or a full-length poem, and I shall develop the one with the most votes. Please make your choice before Sunday, December 27th at 12:13am EST.

1) Which bit do you wish me to develop?
2) Would you like your choice to be flash fiction or longer poetry?
3) *optional* Why?

Here is the not-so-short list:

the earth howls
in the dusk of man—
souls will cry
– created out of an Edgar Allan Poe magnetic poetry kit

“Crimsonly Twisted”
In the Fall,
she weaves
her children…
crimsonly twisted,
her children bloom.

between guilt and fear
society lies

unfulfilled and repressed
by the psychoses
of its superego.
– created out of a Sigmund Freud magnetic poetry kit

I peel the sunrise,
fill my Self with golden juice
and craft autumn blooms

“Pain and Might”
In my heart,
pain and might…

might and pain,
I know.
– blacked out from Ageless Body, Timeless Mind

“In the Dark”
Love me strange,
and I will
shudder and howl
for you
in the dark.
– created out of an Edgar Allan Poe magnetic poetry kit

Will oxidizing,
his future
(a slip, a stain, a dent)
an unsightly shadow.
– blacked out from Caring for Your Book

Tears no longer break her.
– blacked out from Caring for Your Book

Grow or be torn.
– blacked out from Caring for Your Book

“Grow”: Original 4” x 4” Blackout Poem Giveaway

Grow or Be Torn, by Magaly Guerrero
I was going to offer this giveaway much earlier and in a separate post. But as you might’ve read in “Running Wild in the City”, I’ve been busy, busy, busy… and it’s likely that things won’t change until after the Winter Solstice.

Entering the giveaway is a rather simple affair; all you need to do is include the following phrase at the end of your Poetic Bit choice: “I, too, wish to grow in 2016 and always.”

…and the giveaway winner is… Georgina!
Congrats, my dearest witchy woman. Please message me with your mailing address (magalyguerrero @ live . com) (added 12/29/15).

Giveaway Rules, details and stuff…
* I need to be able to contact the winners. If you don’t have a website or social media profile, through which we can interact, then please add your email to your comment. If your name comes up, and I have no way to contact you, I will choose another name.

* To my Canadian Luvs, before you can claim the prize, I must test your mathematical brilliance by asking you something obscure and numeric, such as… what’s 13 + 0.5? Yeah, obscure…

* This giveaway ends on December 27th, 2015, at 12:13am EDT. The winner will be chosen using Random.Org. I’ll add his or her name to this post on December 29th, 2015.

* Open worldwide, excluding any place where prohibited by law.