With Weird and Bite

Barbie lived unloved
in my underwear drawer,
not understanding
that my heart yearned for other
dolls (with weird and bite) like me.


bits on writing and living

I grew up thinking I hated dolls… I was especially suspicious of Barbie’s slightly vacant smile. In fact, I couldn’t stand the doll. But since Fate delights in laughing at her children, someone (no one truly close to me) would always give me a Barbie to unlove for years and years and years…

A few decades later… after I could procure my own dolls, I realized that it wasn’t dolls I didn’t care for. I just needed dollies that spoked to me. Had anyone given me a pissed off unicorn doll, or a slightly dreamy sheep doll, or a smirking doll with button eyes, I would’ve loved dolls as a wee girl.

The same is true about my love for reading and writing poetry. If someone would’ve introduced me to poems that embraced my weird (just the way I like it), poetry and I would’ve been loving each other madly for years and years and years… Then again, who knows, maybe Fate is just the smartest of them all. She understood that a soul should live a little (or a lot) before kissing poetry on the mouth (and playing with dolls that can bite).


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Mavis (vampire sheep, by Gina Morley)
Drusilla (vampire dolly, by Groovy Gothic)
Princess Unikitty (from The LEGO Movie)


Chemo Tastes Yummy with Chocolate Spiders, Groovy Frida, and Some Slightly Dark Planning

Fine, so this title might be drunk on fallacious wishful thinking (nothing makes chemotherapy infusions taste yummy) but… taking Groovy Frida with me will certainly make the experience better. The same would have probably been true of a luscious chunk of chocolate (that tried to escape my bite by pretending to be a spider), if I hadn’t already eaten it.

This camouflaged whining or acknowledgement of the fact that chemo meds taste like something has gone terribly wrong in your mouth is not meant to imply that nothing makes the chemo experience less disgusting. I’m just saying that I fight yuck with yum. Yep, I spend the whole time (my body is being poisoned back to health) sipping coffee… and snacking on frozen mango, baked corn chips, yogurt with roasted nuts on top… and yes, drinking enough water to house a very small galaxy of tiny sharks.

Also, I always go to long appointments with a project I enjoy completing. This week, I will write something for Friday Fictioneers (maybe add a bit to “Cages Can Kill”. There will also be editing, blackout supplies, and… of course, a delightful book or three to read (or to listen to, if my vision starts to get blurry). Then again, there is the chance that I will never get to any of these things, since my sweet Boy is coming with me… and not running our mouths is not one of our superpowers (thank goodness for that!).

the now gone spidery chocolate I spoke of, a mushroom sculpture, a batty-book pin, and a copy of Ghosts of Christmas Past, edited by Tim Martin.
(I can’t wait to share Neil Gaiman’s contribution with you! Soon…)
from Winter Moon Books

my Groovy Frida has been moving around the house, looking for a spot to call home. I think the Crow is whispering sweet nothings in her ear, saying, “Stay here forevermore”.  Yep, he really wants that shiny skull.
from Groovy Gothic

if you know The Insomniac, you will probably be as shocked as I was to find out that she completed her 2019 Slightly Darker Monthly Planner early. Nope, she is not possessed by the ghost of crafty past. I checked. She’s probably just trying to impress her gorgeous baby granddaughter.
from the Insomniac’s Attic (you can print your own copy here)

Yvonne, Emma, Lynne, thank you for the gifts (and for the company).
Thank you all for helping me battle the yuck with yum.


What about you, my Wicked Luvs,
how do you battle the yuck life throws your way?