Through the Skin of Another

I’ve watched your eyes believing to think they can divine true glimpses of me in runes you’ve dreamed were made of bone that once covered my flesh. And I wonder, wonder, wonder… Can’t she see I dance with all my limbs? Hasn’t she noticed her phantom thumbs, those missing bits of her own self that keep her mind’s eye from grasping the runes life has crafted out of her breakings? 

trying to feel me
through the skin of another
leaves your heart alone


the (not really) wee (but slightly hysterical) notes…
– after reading, “Sweet Poison” and “If We Forget…” someone felt the need to let me know that she was “heartbroken for [me] and disappointed in [my] husband because”, according to her, the poems told her that my Piano Man “is showing his true man-colors by pushing [me] to doubt his commitment.” My shock, sense of WTF(ness), and respect for irony, figured that perhaps a poem about reading/interpreting poetry would be apt reply for her madness.

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Bone runes talisman, by ArtofElorhan