Seven Dark Haiku and a Basket Full of Yum

By crafting birthed of soul and heart
and the turning of mind-gear,
infused with memories and with love spiced,
Witches in Fiction dances near.

It’s true, my Wicked Luvs… October 17th, and with it, Witches in Fiction 2015… Death Rites and Remembrances is almost here. I’m so excited about this blog party; for I’ve glimpsed some of the yumminess you’ve conjured for the occasion, and I can barely wait for the feast. But before our full blown celebration of the memories of our dead starts, we have a sixth giveaway:

pre-Witches in Fiction 2015, sixth giveaway, is a virtual basket sponsored by Magic Love Crow, Rhissanna, Touch of the Goddess, and moi.

The lucky Wicked Darling to win this giveaway, will take home an 8” x 10” painting, a tea set suitable for dolls, a bottle of smudging mist, a $31 credit for any of the participating shops, and a copy of my three books (if you own my books, we can transfer them to a friend). I’ve listed the contents of the virtual basket below, preceded by a haiku… follow the individual links to learn more about each item and/or its creator:

“Evermore”, by Magic Love Crow
kissed by winter, love
liquid salt over the bones—
forget evermore
Evermore, by Magic Love Crow

“Skull Tea Set”, by Rhissanna
cloud brew in two cups
a memory served in bones—
tiny skull tea set
Skull Tea Set, by Rhissanna

“Clean and Clear Smudging Mist”, by Touch of the Goddess
so much leaden air
stagnation of heart and home—
Goddess in the mist
Clean and Clear Smudging Mist, by Touch of the Goddess

And from moi:

a $31 credit for any of the shops sponsoring the party
for Halloween night
gift for a Wicked Darling—
the Witches’ New Year
Gift Card

a copy of AlmaMia Cienfuegos and Other Stories, by Magaly Guerrero
running through the trees
heartbroken but strong of will—
self-saved witchy child
AlmaMia Cienfuegos and Other Stories

a copy of Thorn in Red, by Magaly Guerrero
dark forest of tales
hearts are crafted and minds made—
lies kiss truth with tongue
Thorn in Red
and, a copy of Blooming Howls, by Magaly Guerrero
first, there was darkness
small seeds dreaming giant trees—
death and birth of worlds
Blooming Howls

Here is how to enter this giveaway: in a few sentences, tell me what comes to mind when you read the phrase “Death Rites and Remembrances”. For one extra entry, visit Magic Love Crow, and come back to tell me a bit about a painting you liked. For a second extra entry, stop by Rhissanna’s shop, and come back to tell me which of her creations you liked best. For a third entry, fly over to Touch of the Goddess, and come back to let me know what caught your eye. For a fourth extra entry, follow my blog via email. For a fifth extra entry, tell me three words that come to mind after reading one (or all) the haiku preceding my 3 books. Wishing for a sixth extra entry? Share this post on Facebook (tag me, Magic Love Crow, Rhissanna, and Touch of the Goddess). Yes, with 7 items in the basket, you should get a 7th extra entry… and you will, if you add these words at the end of your comment: “Magaly, do throw my name into your witchy cauldron!”

Giveaway Rules, details and stuff…
* I need to be able to contact the winners. If you don’t have a website or social media profile, through which we can interact, then please add your email to your comment. If your name comes up, and I have no way to contact you, I will choose another name.

* You can group all your entries in a single comment—or not… the choice is yours.

* To my Canadians, before you can claim your prize, I must test your mathematical brilliance by asking you a very obscure question, such as… what’s 13 + .5? Yeah, obscure…

* All Witches in Fiction 2015 giveaways will end on October 20th, 2015, at 10:13 pm, EDT. The winners will be chosen using Random.Org, and announced on October 21st, 2015.

* Every item in this giveaway is open worldwide, except the “Clean and Clear Smudging Mist”, which will ship only to the US (If the winner resides outside the US, then I’ll choose a second name for the smudging mist). This giveaway excludes any place where prohibited by law.

This is the last pre-party posts. Witches in Fiction 2015… Death Rites and Remembrances will be here on October 17th. You can still join the celebration, just click the link.

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