Teeth Flashing Lightning

The cackling
of feet smacking sand
thunders back into the world;

filling muscle and bone
with blood so hot,
that the tongue licks
nearly forgotten triumphs.

Under the ribs,
a knife births a burning flinch;

in the house
where thoughts craft
life’s clay,
Brain kisses Endorphin
that melts into a rushing sea
and swallows quail.

Feet slow dance to a walk,
lungs work natural magic:
1, 2, 3… 28 breaths

before thunder smacks again,

teeth flashing

Process Note (told you I was addicted to these things *sigh*): I was going to take a break from poetry, maybe two weeks… but Michael (AKA Grapeling) shared a prompt full of Neruda’s words and made me a liar. I mean, how could anyone resist? Look at this selection: “fragment, insistent, withdrawing, sea, clay, gnawed, empty, knife, suburb, face, house, blood”. By the way, my Wicked Luvs, can you tell that I’m completely drunk on running? And it’s freaking delicious!

for the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads (Grapeling’s Get Listed for May: Pablo Neruda)
Two Women Running on the Beach, by Pablo PicassoTwo Women Running on the Beach, by Pablo Picasso

56 thoughts on “Teeth Flashing Lightning”

  1. Oh I love the choice of artwork..! Picasso is always a favorite 😀

    The depiction of intense emotions in this piece is so over-powering..!
    Left me speechless..!

    Lots of love

  2. Love ‘The cackling’ sounds and all this joy and dance and run! Much excitement! I guessing, the dinner-fiesta next! Cool art to go nicely with words! x

  3. It’s a beautiful bit of work. I love how the nudity is playful and unashamed. It feels like it has movement and the colors are cheerful. Your words are well fitted to this, Lady Magaly. Lots of movement and color in them, as well.

  4. I love this poem almost as much as love to run! It always makes me glad when someone else feels so excited & passionate about something I love too. <3

    • I know exactly what you mean. It’s like waiting for a long time to share something you never thought someone else would understand, then you realize that the person you are sharing it with knows exactly what you mean… and you’re both all giddy and giggly, lol!

  5. Ha! I didn’t quite get the running first time through–but am very admiring of your energy with it–super vivid, and inspiring. I lost one of my running shoes, and though I’d lost it in a permanent way as I travel so much–so threw the sole one away–then the other one showed up! Thanks, Magaly. k.

  6. I love the sense of motion and life in this, Magaly. The words of the list disappear in the totality of the sensations and the scenes that come to life under your pen. Pain without harm, extreme effort, pushing for the limits, how they can reward like nothing else is the mystery of our natures, I think. And like you, Micheal absolutely screwed up my poetry break with his Neruda, damn him.

    • I never realized that running while trying not to cause injury was so much hard work. But I don’t mind at all. Like you said, there is the “reward [is] like nothing else”.

      And that Michael is a total scoundrel!

  7. Under the ribs,
    a knife births a burning flinch;

    damn. wish I’d written that…

    sinuous, stop-in-your-tracks writing. glad I could stir you from your hiatus, Magaly, and thanks for this ~

  8. How perfect! I miss running.

    These days, this verse would sum up my entire run.

    “Feet slow dance to a walk,
    lungs work natural magic:
    1, 2, 3… 28 breaths”

    ^^with a lot more than 28 breaths!

    Have a perfect weekend, dear Magaly ♥

    • Can you swim? I do hope you can still swim. I think of those nails, and feel happy they put the bits back together, but sad they took running from you. I hope swimming remains yours…

  9. Oh I know! I have terrible balance too! It comes with a handle you can hold on to. And it had saved me several times from taking pretty nasty falls!
    It has helped me so much that on instances it has fooled me into thinking I was fitter than. I thought. So, a few days ago I tried a difficult isometric exercise I used to do in the past and I can’t really turn my head now. It’s so easy to get overexcited and so hard to be patient.
    How are you doing after running?

    • The trampoline wouldn’t work for me since I have to run with my arms held tight against my body. But it sounds like it’s made for you!

      I’m doing well after running, sore and with expected pains, but well. I’m hoping that in a few months, after my muscles get stronger, things will be way better. 😉

  10. Under the ribs,
    a knife births a burning flinch…

    That is such a strong image – felt like it smacked me in the eye. You have done justice to the selected words.

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