The Approach of the Witches’ New Year…

With only three days until The Witches’ New Year—All Hallows’ Eve, Halloween, El dia de los muertos, Samhain—I’ve been working on my lists.

List-making relaxes me; not only because it conjures a good old sense of organization, control and accomplishment (when I get to cross something out), but also because the act of transferring thought from mind through hand to paper is a marvelous psychological release (at least for me).

I was surprised to find that not as many items from 2015 are being carried over into 2016, only three important ones… and one of those might be fulfilled before the end of the calendar year *fingers crossed*.

So what’s going to fill my witchy life with excitement, you might be asking? Um… you weren’t really asking that? Oh well, I’m telling you anyway… I’m bad to the bone, remember? The biggest items have to do with my health and my writing. But I have to wait a few more months before working on a likely list. Still, I foresee the publication of a poem collection, a compilation of my published work (did anyone say print edition?), and a bit of agent hunting…

Worry not, my Wicked Luvs; not all of my schedule will be listed in this delicious planner, which I got from my even more delicious Piano Man…
The Approach of the Witches’ New Year… 1

For instance, I will be adding wee tales and poems to Discordia: a Collection of Drawings, by Jeremy A. Bastian. I love Bastian’s dark and intricate ink-work, so when I met him at New York Comic Con, I was very pleased when he said that he would not be offended—“but honored”—if I scribbled my dark fiction and poetry all over his book. Yes, I will share the results with you. 😉
The Approach of the Witches’ New Year… 2

I was gifted two lovely lined journals and a bunch of red and black markers. The package included no name, but the note said, “I hope you never stop sharing blackout poetry and poem bits. I read them every morning. Some have made it to my refrigerator door. If you sell them I will buy them. Until you do sell them here is a toking of my appreciation and thanks.” As you might imagine, my Luvs, I’m over the Moon and way beyond Pluto with delight. Thank you!
The Approach of the Witches’ New Year… 3

What else? Oh yes, I will do a mock NaNoWriMo bit. It will be mostly editing… I might share my weekly progress… not sure yet. And, of course, I will certainly host Poems for the Cruelest Month, in April… but only 13 days/entries; I just don’t think I can (or want) to manage 30 days).

No, don’t leave yet! There is more. I was the recipient of Winter Moon’s All Hallow’s Read yumminess. I was more than excited (and misty-eyed) when I touched my copy of My Brother’s Ghost. And because Yvonne is such a darling, she surprised me with the cutest of red journals, one of her flower filled glass vial pendants, and a few other goodies that scream Magaly. I’m seriously thinking about mailing the frog skeleton postcard to myself *cough*. Thank you!!
The Approach of the Witches’ New Year… 4

Then, my Piano Man came home with a box from Judy. Meet Bones the Purple, a cutie that brought all sorts of grins to my face. Look at those ears, skull, mouth, ribs… Thank you!!!
The Approach of the Witches’ New Year… 5

On the chronic pain (in my ass) side… Yesterday, I went for my first long walk in about a week. It wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences, since my previous (very short) exercise hiatus left my flesh and bones in a rage. But I soothed myself by ending my walk with a visit to the thrift shop.

I found a stunning, tiny copper dish to use as an offering plate for my little brother. I also got a color-changing, moonstone-like wee bowl, for liquid offerings (but forgot to take a picture).
The Approach of the Witches’ New Year… 6

I unburied The Crow: Shattered Lives & Broken Dreams, a collection of poems and short fictions, which I had no idea existed… but is perfect for the season.
The Approach of the Witches’ New Year… 7I almost offered The Crow as an All Hallows’ Eve giveaway… but my reader’s greed refuses to allow it *sigh*. Can you blame me, though? Look at some of the artwork and description:
The Approach of the Witches’ New Year… 8
The Approach of the Witches’ New Year… 9

So… my Wicked Luvs, what adventures have you been listing lately?

18 thoughts on “The Approach of the Witches’ New Year…”

  1. I should make more lists. I love lists as well. I should have some long term goals though. Now is a great time to work on a list of goals for the year.
    My current to-do’s include creating more art, and hanging photos/prints/art that I have. I’ve made some excellent progress lately in the framing and hanging department. Although I still see far too many bare walls.

  2. I have started a journal…trying to remember my husband’s and my lives for our children and grandchildren…not very good at it…

  3. I love lists! Marking things off is so satisfying! Sounds like you have a plate filled with yumminess planned! I know I can hardly wait. But, the best gift you can bestow upon us all is your improved health! Wishing you wellness!

  4. I am a passionate list maker, but I usually end up stressing myself out, so I am trying to cut down. I hope your curse gets lifted and you get to be again your most vibrant of versions pain and burden free! As I am writing this I am sitting on my heating pad with a knee that smells like eucalyptus , but I must be grateful because I used to be so much worse!
    Brightest of blessings!!

    • I think that is hilarious that as I’m replying to this, I am also sitting with my heating pad warming my back.

      For me, the secret of listing without stressing myself out, has to do with reminding myself that if something didn’t get done today… it will be done tomorrow… and if not, then it will get done eventually. LOL!

  5. I too am a list maker, and yesterday I was crossing things so many things off my list, finally getting my ass out of the wagon after weeks of feeling crappy.
    Such lovely gifties, I especially love that calendar for procrastinators! I want one!

    (Yup, still have 3G and now I’m afraid to leave the laptop for fear that it might turn off…)

  6. I have to look for that book! You know what? I write all the time! Make lists and also if anything is bothering me, I write it out of me. I know you will accomplish everything you set out to do! I have 3 major things for me 🙂 And, I pray one thing will be accomplished by the end of 2015 🙂 Love all your treasures! Hugs 🙂

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