The Day Lady Liberty Ran Off to Join the Circus

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29 thoughts on “The Day Lady Liberty Ran Off to Join the Circus”

  1. Lady Liberty (doesn’t she speak French?) makes an interesting Hellmouth. And I didn’t know that was a torch. I thought it was a huge, bronze ice cream. I though the message was, ‘Welcome to America. Git your free ice cream here!’.

    As for Faux, they give Vulpes vulpes a bad name.

    (Loved this. And getting new posts by email)

  2. Hahaha, love the tale, & mother of the Fox ‘know it all’s’ direct approach to her son after warning him to sssh! Love the great balls of fire, actually loved the whole darn thing! Hey that cool pic reminds me of one of my fav places in Sydney… Luna Park… really weird true tale… a tragic fire in the ghost train… Jack Marx writes about it in ‘Australian Tragic’… trying to talk someone into doing a doco on it at the moment… off the point & back to work for me… hey it’s Friday, & need to go draw, talk later x

    • Old lady with purses have that air of mildly-dangerous-volatile psycho about them. I think her approach was quite entertaining, too (and not just because I wrote it *cough*). I just think that must of us have wished for the lady and the purse to appear and save us from someone’s stupidity…

      Draw, woman; draw!

  3. YOU certainly got my attention! 🙂 I see an underlying meaning…(as usual)… Lady Liberty was sending a message to the Americans…apparently, she didn’t like what she was seeing- how people act, how the country is being run/not run… the in humanity…. She probably wished she wasn’t given to the U.S. and wanted to go back home…..and the bald man is right- brass balls, indeed!. (I do see the humor in this as well as the irony.

    • You and me both, Oma! I’ve been planning what I will do to others when I’m an old lady (and they won’t be able to fight back because, well, I will be old and cute and untouchable). Oh, I smile widely when I imagine the purse and the brick. 😀

  4. I would guess that lady Liberty’s knowledge of French would make her a bit strange.. but it does make sense since she’s an immigrant from France..

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